Gimme 5


Get 5GB Data for 5 Days for only K5. Deposit Moni into your CellMoni wallet and dial *888# to buy today.
gimme 5

CellMoni is offering its valued customers a special data package for K5 for 5GB data, valid for 5 days.

The bundle is usable anytime upon activation.

Data Bundle Plan “Gimme 5 for 5”

  1. What is ‘Gimme 5for5’?

CellMoni is offering its valued customers a special data package for K5 for 5GB data, valid for 5 days.

The bundle is usable anytime upon activation.

2. When will the product launch?

This offer will be available from 18 April 2024 (00:00:00hrs) until further notice.

3. Who is eligible for this Promotion?

This offer will be available to only CellMoni customers via the following channels:

1. *888#

2. CellMoni App

If you are a new user, you must first dial *888# to activate your CellMoni wallet or call 888 or send an email

to to speak to a CellMoni staff for further assistance.

4. How do I qualify for this Promotion?

To avail of this offer, you must be a registered Digicel subscriber with an active CellMoni wallet.

The data offer is only accessible through these CellMoni channels:

1. *888#

2. CellMoni App

Be guided by the following steps to activate this offer.

Activation via USSD menu:

Step 1: Dial *888#

Step 2: Select 2. Top-up Services

Step 3: Select 3. Digicel Plans

Step 4: Select 4. K5- 5GB for 5 Days

Step 5: Enter the PIN and await SMS activation message.

Activation via CellMoni App:

Step 1: Launch the CellMoni App.

Step 2: Enter the PIN to log in

Step 3: Select Payments menu.

Step 4: Select Top-up & Plans

Step 5: Choose Digicel Mobile Bundles

Step 6: Choose K5 5Day 5GB bundle from drop-down menu.

Step 7: Activate plan and await SMS activation message.

5. How will I know if I have successfully activated the special data offer?

You will receive 2 SMS message to confirm your purchase:

1. SMS from CellMoni to confirm the purchase of the special date plan

SMS message: “You have bought CellMoni Plan K5-5GB for 5 Days for xxxxxxxx at K5.00. It takes a few

minutes for your plan to get activated. CellMoni Balance: xxxx Ref#: xxxxxxx”

2. SMS to confirm the plan activation

SMS message: “Your K5_5GB data plan is active, valid for 5 days. Pay less for MOA with CellMoni!

6. How will customers be notified about the Promotion?

An SMS broadcast will be sent to prepaid customers on the day the promotion starts.

SMS message: BUY 5GB for 5Days at K5, ONLY on CellMoni. Pay LESS for MOA. Dial *888# or visit a

CellMoni or Digicel Store NOW!

7. How do I check the data balance of the K5 – 5GB for 5Days plan?

Simply dial *130# and follow the prompts.

8. I activated the special data plan yesterday at 7pm. Will it expire at midnight on the 5th day?

No, it will expire 5 days from the time it activated.

9. Are there any restrictions on how I use the data?

No, there are no restrictions on how and when the data bundle is used.

10. Does it support rollover?

No, rollover is not included.

11. Is it possible to activate the plan before the expiration date?

Gimme 5for5 plan cannot be renewed until the expiration date.

You have to wait 5 days from the last activation date to be able to activate another Gimme 5for5 plan.

12. Is it possible to activate Gimme 5for5 plan while I have another data plan already active?

Yes, you are allowed to activate the Gimme 5for5 plan even if you already have another plan activated.

You have to check the validity of each plan activated.

13. Can I gift the plan to friends and Family if they are not CellMoni customers?

No, you cannot gift the Gimme 5for5 plan to your friends and family, the plan can only activate for your

own mobile number. It will be great to assist and encourage your Friends and Family to activate their

CellMoni wallets to be eligible to activate the plan, enjoy the promotion and others CellMoni services and


14. How can I put money into my CellMoni wallet to activate the plan?

To activate the Gimme 5for5 plan, you must have a minimum of K5 in your CellMoni wallet.

There are 2 ways to deposit money into your CellMoni wallet:

  • You can do a deposit by visiting a CellMoni Agent or Digicel Store

  • You can receive a transfer of Money (P2P) from another CellMoni customer.

CellMoni is a product offered by Digicel that allows Digicel customers to transform their Digicel mobile phones into

mobile wallets ‘CellMoni wallets’ to receive money, store and perform financial transactions. It is safe, secure and convenient.

CellMoni is accessible through;

A. Dialling USSD *888#, and

B. CellMoni Mobile App for Smartphone users.

Financial transactions with CellMoni include:

A. Send Moni

Domestic Money Transfer to another CellMoni Customer.

B. Top-up Services

Add Airtime to prepaid number, or buy Data Bundle, buy Digicel TV prepaid plan or buy EasiPAY.

C. Deposit

Deposit is put money into a CellMoni at a CellMoni Agent or a Digicel Store.

D. Withdraw

Withdrawal is converting your funds in your CellMoni wallet into Cash at a CellMoni Agent or Digicel Store

E. Payments

Pay Post-paid Digicel Bills, Utility Invoices and pay for Goods and Services at a Merchant

F. Account Enquiry

Do account related queries such as Balance Check, Change PIN and identify closest Authorized Agent and


CellMoni App

Smartphone users can download and install the CellMoni App to perform their CellMoni transaction similar to using

the USSD *888#.

The CellMoni App will give you easy, simple and convenient way to access your CellMoni Wallet and transactions.

The App can be downloaded from Google Play for Android users and Apple Store for iOS users or by


A One Time PIN (OTP) will be sent to validate the phone number and authenticate your mobile device at your first

login. Thereafter you will use your CellMoni PIN to login to the App.

Downloading the CellMoni App from Google Play Store or Apple Store requires some data.

Once downloaded, you can access and use the CellMoni App without incurring any data charges. You just need to

keep your mobile data on, the CellMoni App will work even you don’t have a data bundle.

For Assistance

1. Call: Call 888 between 8am to 830pm from Monday to Sunday.

2. Email to:

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