Shake To Win in the MyDigicel App


100% Guaranteed Wins in the MyDigicel App Daily


1.    What is Shake It? It is a gaming mechanism in MyDigicel App that allows you to WIN daily prizes.


2.    Who is eligible to use Shake It? Digicel prepaid smartphone users who have an active account in the new MyDigicel app can access the Shake It feature.


3.    How does it work? To play Shake It in MyDigicel App, click the smiley face icon at the bottom-right of the home screen in the app, or by clicking the Shake It option from the top-left menu button (3 stacked lines). Then press or shake your phone and win.


·       Once initiated, there are daily guaranteed wins for free bundles, which will be used immediately from time of activation.

·       Prepaid users with an active MyDigicel account get only one shake per day.

·       The Shake It menu will display a message based on the following scenarios.

Clicked Shake It, yet to playShake It Press or Shake and Win
Guaranteed winFREE <Plan Name>  Example: FREE 1Day 300MB BiP “Enjoy FREE 300MB Bip messaging to share memorable pics of files with your Digicel Bip friends, valid for 24hrs.”
LoseThanks for Playing Oh No, Better Luck Next Time
Multiple Shake It attempts in 1 day OR Postpaid user tries to Shake It.Wait to Shake  You may not be on an eligible plan or you may have already shaken.

4.    How do I activate a Shake It reward in MyDigicel App? To activate the reward you have won in Shake It, follow these steps as a guide.


Activation steps via MyDigicel App:

1)    Launch the app.

2)    Click on the smiley face icon at the bottom-right corner of Home screen OR Shake It tab via side menu button to play.

3)    A pop-up notification is displayed on the screen (based on scenarios in Q3 above).

4)    If you have won a reward, select Claim Reward, and confirm to proceed.

5)    Await SMS notification to confirm activation.

6.    How will I know if I have successfully activated my free bundle from Shake It? You will receive an SMS confirmation message from +400. Sample message:


Congrats, your <PLAN NAME> is now active for <validity>. To check your balance, dial *130# or click


7.    Will I need a smartphone to use this offer? Yes, a smartphone is preferable because the free rewards can only be accessible by playing the Shake It feature through the new MyDigicel app.


8.    Can I win more prizes if I play Shake It more than once on the same day? No, eligible users are allowed to shake to win only once per day.


9.    How do I check my balance? You can check your data balance in MyDigicel App or dial *130#.


10.    Are these free bundles available for gifting, auto renewal and/or rollover? The free Shake It bundles can be gifted to another Digicel prepaid subscriber or traded for another Shake It reward that applies, but they do not auto renew or rollover.