Welcome To REDClub

More Data for Less. Plus rollover, reliable & wide coverage, and fast speeds.
A woman smiling, next to a mobile phone with the text "REDClub Data plans from as low as K1 per 1GB", and a banner that reads "RedClub Revamped"


Looking for something exclusive and with great value?  Well, join the REDclub for exclusive plan offers with up to 7.5 times more data and up to 3 times more talk for less.

REDclub is for members only, so join today for only K20 monthly to access the best Data and Talk value in PNG.

1. What is REDClub?

REDclub are exclusive Plans that only accessible by purchasing subscription.

2. How do I get started?

To gain access to these exclusive plans, you must purchase a subscription first by dailing *675# or *777# or using MyDigicel App, followed by selecting REDclub from the listed options.

  • 7-Day Subscription is K10

  • 30-Day Subscription is K20

To subscribe use the following step via *675#v(1TOK Menue) or *777# (Data Menue) or MyDigicel App as a guide.

SMS confirmation: Your subscription was successful. Dial *675# or *777# and select the REDclub option to access your exclusive REDclub plans. Your subscription is valid for 30 days.

3. Can i subscribe to REDclub using MyDigicel App?

Yes, REDclub now available in MyDigicel App, use below steps to subscribe through the app.

  1. Open app and click on the Plans & Bundles.

  2. Select available Plans and click on REDclub.

  3. Activate the 7Day or 30Day subscription.

  4. Confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

4. Is REDclub available to new SIM Swap users?

Yes, REDclub is available to users who swap their SIMs for a new Digicel SIM where they can enjoy FREE REDclub subscription valid for 90 days, 5GB open data valid for 3 days and 30Day Premium pass for PlayGo.

5. Is it available to all Digicel Subscribers?

No, REDclub is only available to prepaid subscribers.

6. What are the exclusive REDClub plans being offered?

Data Only Plans:

1 dayK31GB
7 daysK103GB
30 daysK10075GB

1TOK Plans:

1 dayK3500MB3050
3 daysK102GB12080
7 daysK308GB200200
30 daysK10050GB500500

Voice Only Plans:

1 dayK10Unlimited Digi-Digi
3 daysK20Unlimited Digi-Digi
7 daysK30Unlimited Digi-Digi

7. How do I access the exclusive REDClub plans?

Once subscribed to REDclub, follow the steps below to access its special menue and exclusive plans. These Plans are not free.

Plan activation via USSD code:

  1. Dial USSD code *675# or *777# and send

  2. Select option 3 for REDclub. {1TOK menu or option 2 from Data menu}

  3. Select a plan type and validity. {i.e. 1Day, 3Days, 7Days or 30Days}

  4. Then choose a plan:

  5. Press 1 to confirm purchase and await SMS activation message

Plan activation via MyDigicel App.

  1. Open App and click Plans & Bundles, go to available Plans.

  2. Select a REDclub menu. (i.e. REDclub Data, REDclub 1TOK, REDclub Voice)

  3. Select a Plan and activate Plan. (i.e. 1Day, 3Days, 7Days or 30Days)

  4. Click Activate Plan again to confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

8. How do i check my balance?

Dial *130# to check your account balance and bundles. You can also view this from MyDigicel App. 

9. What is the validity of a REDclub subscription?

The K10 REDclub subscription is valid for 7Days, and a K20 subscription is valid for 30Days. Customers can choose to renew subscription when the validity expires to keep any active plans in REDclub. 

10. Are the exclusive REDclub plans free once I activate my subscription?

No, once you purchase a subscription to REDclub, you still need to pay to activate any of the exclusive plans to enjoy them.

11. How are REDclub plans different from the regular data, 1TOK and voice plans?

Subscribing to REDclub gives users more buying power to purchase daily, weekly and monthly plans where one pays less for More data, voice and SMS bundles using REDclub.

12. Do REDclub plan support rollover?

Yes, rollover only applies to Data plans with the same validity within REDclub but are not compatible with regular data plans.

13. Is Renewal included in the REDclub plans?

No. If the customer chooses not to renew their subscription within 24hours of its expiry, any plans that expire within that time will not rollover if they subscribe to REDclub again in the future.

14. Is Gifting included in REDclub plans?

No. Gifting is not applicable to these exclusive plans.