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Enjoy More Data for Less with the FASTEST Speeds & Best Reliability. Plus, rollover Data.
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Looking for something exclusive and with great value?  Well, join the REDclub for exclusive plan offers with up to 7.5 times more data and up to 3 times more talk for less.

REDclub is for members only, so join today for only K20 monthly to access the best Data and Talk value in PNG.


Digicel’s REDclub is an exclusive members-only menu available by subscription. Prepaid subscribers can join REDclub by purchasing a K10 weekly access OR a K20 monthly access by dialing *675#, *777# or MyDigicel App, to enjoy the best DATA and Talk value in PNG.

Subscription via USSD code:

Step 1: Dial *675# or *777# and send.

Step 2: Select option 3 for REDclub. (1TOK menu or option 2 for REDclub in Data menu)

Step 3: Select option for 7Days or 30Days access to REDclub Plans.

Step 4: Press 1 to confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

Subscription via MyDigicel App:

Step 1: Launch app and click on Plans & Bundles

Step 2: Select Available Plans and click on REDclub

Step 3: Activate the 7Days or 30Days subscription.

Step 4: Confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

 Sample SMS confirmation: Your subscription was successful. Dial *675# or *777# and select the REDclub option to access your exclusive REDclub plans. Your subscription is valid for 30 days.


  1. What plans are exclusive to REDclub? By midnight on 29 May 2024, the following changes will apply to the Voice offers in REDclub.


ValidityPrice (PGK)MinsComments
1 hour360Also known as “Happy Hour” plan, valid from 6am-6pm
3 hour5Ultd*Introducing “K5 Moa Tok”
1 day10Ultd*Price will increase from K5 to K10
3 day15Ultd*Price will increase from K10 to K15
7 day20Ultd*Price will increase from K15 to K20
1 day1750International minutes applicable for IVB destinations only

*Ultd = Unlimited local Digicel to Digicel voice bundles.


ValidityPrice ( PGK)Data (MB)
1 Day31024
7 Days103072
30 Days10076800

Click here for data storage conversion


ValidityPrice (PGK )Data (MB)MinsSMS
1 Day35003050
3 Days10204812080
7 Days308192200200
30 Days10051200500500

Voice & SMS bundles apply to local Digicel to Digicel only. Click here for data storage conversion

2. What is new for REDclub in 2024? Other changes made to REDclub this year include the following:

i. Since 17 April 2024, the International Voice Bundle (IVB) plan is now available to customers with an active REDclub access. Use the steps below as a guide.

IVB activation via USSD code:

1. Dial *675# for the default REDclub menu

2. Select Happy Hour, Voice & SMS option

3. Press 0 for Next

4. Select 5 for International Voice Bundle

5. Press 1 to Get 50Min International Voice Bundle for K17

6. Press 1 to confirm purchase and await SMS confirmation.

Countries where IVB applies are in the table below.

IVB Destinations
American Samoa, Australia, Bangladesh, Bermuda, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mariana Islands, Mauritius, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

ii. Since 22 March 2024, Digicel is offering Free REDclub access to all Port Moresby-based prepaid customers only. You are included if you reside in Port Moresby and had received an SMS notification from 400 about the campaign.

iii. Since 24 February 2024, the REDclub options became the default menu for 1TOK, Data and Voice in the USSD menus (*675# or *777#) only with an active REDclub subscription. This means,

  • Once REDclub is activated, any selection of the main 1TOK, Bikpla Supersized Data or Happy Hour, Voice & SMS menu options via *675# or *777# will only access the exclusive REDclub offers.

  • All exclusive offers will also be available through option 3 for the main REDclub menu.

  • If you do not have REDclub access, you can only purchase the regular 1TOK, Data and Voice

plans in *675#, *777# or MyDigicel App.


1. How do I access the exclusive REDclub plans? Once subscribed to REDclub, follow the steps below to access its special menu and exclusive plans. These plans are not free.

Plan activation via USSD code:

Step 1: Dial *675# or *777# and send.

Step 2: Select option 3 for REDclub. (1TOK menu or option 2 in Data menu)

Step 3: Select a plan type and validity. (i.e. 1Day, 3 Days, 7 Days or 30 Days)

Step 4: Then choose a plan.

Step 5: Press 1 to confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

Plan activation via MyDigicel App:

Step 1: Open app and click Plans & Bundles, go to Available Plans.

Step 2: Select a REDclub menu. (i.e. REDclub Data, REDclub 1TOK or REDclub Voice)

Step 3: Select a plan and Activate Plan. (i.e. 1Day, 3 Days, 7 Days or 30 Days)

Step 4: Click Activate Plan again to confirm purchase and await SMS activation message.

2. How do I check my balance? Dial *130# to check your account balance and bundles. You can also view this from MyDigicel App.

3. What is the validity of a REDclub subscription? The K10 REDclub subscription is valid for 7 days, and a K20 subscription is valid for 30 days. Customers can choose to renew subscription when the validity expires to keep any active plans in REDclub.

4. Are the exclusive plans in REDclub free once I subscribe? No, once you purchase a subscription to REDclub, you still need to pay to activate any of the exclusive plans to enjoy them.

5. How are REDclub plans different from the regular data, 1TOK and voice plans? Subscribing to REDclub gives users more buying power to purchase daily, weekly and monthly plans where one pays less for MORE data, voice and SMS bundles using REDclub.

6. Can I use the voice bundles from REDclub to make calls to other mobile networks as well as international calls? No, the voice bundles purchased through REDclub’s 1TOK and voice plans are only applicable for Digicel-to-Digicel calls. The normal call rate will apply for calls to other local networks, etc.

7. Do REDclub plans support rollover? Yes, rollover ONLY applies to Data plans with the same validity within REDclub but are not compatible with regular data plans.

8. Is Renewal included in the REDclub plans? No. If the customer chooses not to renew their subscription within 24hours of its expiry, any plans that expire within that time will not rollover if they subscribe to REDclub again in the future.

9. Is Gifting included in REDclub plans? No. Gifting is not applicable to these exclusive plans.

10. Is it available to all Digicel subscribers? No, REDclub is only available to prepaid subscribers.

11. Is REDclub available to new SIM Swap users? Yes, customers who swap their SIMs for a new Digicel SIM in other centers can enjoy FREE REDclub subscription valid for 90 days, 5GB open data valid for 3 days and 30Day Premium pass for DigicelTV App. Offer is subject to change in the near future.