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MyDigicel is an application that provides a convenient way for Digicel Pacific customers to manage their mobile accounts and access various services. Some of the great features are:

Account Management: Customers can view and manage their account details, including checking their account balance, available credit, and data usage.

Mobile Top-Ups: The app allows customers to recharge their prepaid mobile accounts or top-up credit for themselves or others.

Data and Voice Plans: Customers can browse and subscribe to various data and voice plans offered by Digicel.

Value-Added Services: Depending on the region and the services provided by Digicel, the app may offer additional features like entertainment services, rewards programs, or special promotions.


You can download this app via Google Play Store (Android OS) or on Apple Store (iOS), only available to Digicel subscribers (both prepaid and postpaid users).



1.    What is new about MyDigicel App? As of January 2024, a new and improved version of MyDigicel App is now available to Digicel Pacific territories.



1.      How do I download the App? Depending on your device, click the download link to begin downloading and installing.


2. How to download app on Android/iOS:

1)     Visit the Play Store or click

2)     Search for “MyDigicel Pacific” and click 'Install'

3)    Click “Open” to enter the App.


3.    Do I need to do something before I can use the App? If you are a new user to the network or have not used MyDigicel App before then you must create a Digicel ID account. Use the below steps as a guide.


1)     Open the MyDigicel App.

2)     Accept the Terms of Use.

3)     Allow access to your device when prompted.

4)     Select "Log in" and enter your mobile number.

5)     A verification code is sent via SMS to your device; enter the code when prompted.

6)     Select ‘Continue’ to proceed.


Once your Digicel ID is created, you will remain logged in and can open the App anytime.


4.    What device is compatible to use the App? The app is compatible with most smartphones and tablets with operating system iOS 10 & above, and Android 5 and above.


5.    What can I do with the App? With the MyDigicel app, you will have access to your Digicel account from your device anytime, anywhere.   You can:

  •  Top Up online

  • View and manage your account details

  • Access your account balance and data usage

  • Activate Plans and Bundles

  • Access the gaming feature to play to win daily bundles.


6.    What plans are available in the App? Using MyDigicel App, customers can access the following plans, based on the type of Digicel account they use.


1.     Prepaid – plan categories include:

·       Offers for You (Credit-on-Loan offers)

·       Special Offers (International Voice Bundle, 30Day 50GB MDA-only plan)

·       Free My Digicel Offers (Free Shake It)

·       Bikpla Supersized Data (data menu)

·       1TOK Prime Bundles (combo plans)

·       MobileTV Plans (DigicelTV App plans)

·       REDclub (access to exclusive plans by subscription only)

·       Night Plans (Night data plans valid from 10pm-6am only)

·       Prepaid Roaming (combo roaming plans)


2.     Postpaid – plan categories include:

·       Roaming

·       Data Plans


7.     How do I activate a plan through the App? You can use the steps below as a guide.


Steps to buy a plan via MyDigicel App:

1)     Open MyDigicel App.

2)     Click on ‘Plans & Bundles’ tab 

3)     Select ‘Available Plans’

4)     Choose a category from the drop-down menu

5)     Select a plan followed by ‘Activate Plan’ and confirm purchase. 

6)    Await pop-up notification and SMS confirmation message to proceed.


You can view your purchase history from the Bills & Activity menu anytime.


8.      How will I know if the plan I purchased using the App is activated? Upon purchase, you will 

get an SMS confirmation message. Sample message: “Your ‘plan name’ is active. You have xxxx valid for xxdays. Plan expires at yyyy/mm/dd hh:min. To check bal, visit MyDigicel App or dial *130#.


9.      How do I top up using the App? Use the following instructions as a guide.  


Top Up with Bank Card:

1)     Select the Top Up menu tab.

2)     Enter the Recipient mobile number e.g. 6757xxxxxxx.

3)     The ‘Top Up with Bank Card’ option is selected by default.

Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

4)     Enter the Recipient’s phone number and complete order details.

5)     Login or Sign Up to Digicel International service

6)     Review your order.

7)     Pay & checkout.

8)     Await pop-up notification and SMS confirmation message.


Top Up with Voucher:

1)     Select the Top Up menu tab

2)     Enter the Recipient mobile number e.g. 6757xxxxxxx

3)     Click on the ‘Top Up with Voucher’ tab

4)     Input the 13-digit Voucher Code.

5)     Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.

6)     Await pop-up notification and SMS confirmation message.


10.   How do I check my account balance and bundle usage? Prepaid customers can view their account balance and bundle status from the Home tab of MyDigicel App. For an extended view of your account, click the side-menu icon and select the Account & Balances tab.


11.   Can I add more than one Digicel account to the App? Yes. Once you create your Digicel ID and

       login to MyDigicel App, that becomes your primary account. You can add and manage multiple

      accounts (maximum of 5 accounts) in the App.


Steps to add account in MyDigicel App:

1)     Open MyDigicel App.

2)     From the side menu, select the ‘Add Account’ tab.

3)     Enter a nickname and Digicel mobile number,

4)     Click ‘Continue’ to proceed. (An SMS verification code will be sent to that number for confirmation)

5)     Enter the code (from step 4) to add the account.


You can switch accounts at any time within the app to manage your primary or secondary accounts.


12.   Can I send credits using the App? No. The services not available in MyDigicel App include:

1)    Credit U/Credit Me

2)    Please Call Me

3)    Gifting Plans


13.   Can I still use the old MyDigicel App? No. The older versions of MyDigicel App will be removed

By 1st August 2024. Please download the new app (from Question 2) as soon as possible for a better experience.