Bikpla Super Sized Plan

Bikpla Supersized Data Plans

Same Price for 5x More Data
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Buy on MyDigicel App or Dial *675#. More details below:

Bikpla Supersized Data Plans

DataPrice (PGK)Validity

Night Plans

DataPrice (PGK)Validity

1. What is this about?

Digicel offers affordable time-based data plans available on MyDigicel App and USSD (call *675# or *777#).

2. How much does a data plan costs?

Data prices may vary depending on the data allocation and plan validity.

3. Can I use the data anytime like the normal data plans?

No, these time-based data plans are only available for use within a specific period. 

  • Night Plans are only valid between 10PM & 6AM.

  • Bikpla Data are only valid between 6AM & 6PM.

  • Any unused data bundle remaining after the validity will be forfeited. 

4. What happens if I buy the plan after the validity?

If you activate a Night Plan after 6AM, you won't be able to use the data bundle until that night, from 10PM - 6AM. 

Similarly, if you activate a new data plan after 6PM, you won't be able to use that data bundle until 6AM of the following day.

5. How do I activate these time based data plans?

Steps using USSD (*675# or *777#):

  1. Dial *675# and send.

  2. Select option for Data Plans and send.

  3. Select option 3 for Bikpla Data or option for Night Plans. Then choose desired plan. 

Steps using MyDigicel App:

  1. Open MyDigicel App to Plans & Bundles menu.

  2. Select available plans.

  3. Select Bikpla Data or Night Plans to choose a data plan and click Activate Plan.

  4. Click on Activate Plan again to confirm plan selection and await SMS to confirm purchase.

6. Do these plans support rollover?

No, roll over is not included in these time based data plans. As soon as it is 6AM (Night Plan) or 6PM (Bikpla Data), the plan expires and any data bundle remaining is lost.  

7. Is gifting offered on these plans?

Applies only to Night Plans where all gifted night plans are valid from 10PM - 6AM. 

8. Is this available for all Digicel subscribers?

These plans are only available to Prepaid subscribers. 

9. Will these plans auto renew?

No, auto renewed is not included.