Bikpla Combo Plan

Bikpla Combo

1GB Data, 2 Hours Talk PLUS Planti SMS
Woman smiling and pointing, with text "Only K5, 1GB Data, 120 Digicel to Digicel Mins, 300 SMS"

Promotion Details

Buy on MyDigicel App or Dial *675# today.

Valid from 6AM to 6PM, for a limited time only.

1. What is this about?

Digicel has introduced a new K5 Bikpla Combo Plan that is a 1TOK version of Bikpla Data. The new bundle comes with a 1GB, 120 minutes and 300 SMS and is available for purchase between 6AM - 6PM.  

2. When does this new offer start?

The new offer will be effetive as of 28 July 2022 (00:00:00hr). 

3. Who is eligible for the Bikpla Combo Plan?

This plan are available to all Digicel prepaid users.

4. How do I get this new offer?

You can only activate this plan through *675# as below.

  1. Dial *675# menu and select 1TOK Prime Bundles. 

  2. Choose option 5 for Bikpla Combo.

  3. Press 1 to select and confirm plan activation.

  4. Await SMS notification to confirm purchase. 

5. How will I know If I have successfully purchased this new plan?

You will receive an SMS confirmation message fromm +400 as follows: Your ^PLAN_NAME^ is ready, expires in ^EXPIRY_DATE^. Dial *675# and get REDclub for more offers. To check balance, dial *130# or click 

6. Who is eligible for this offer?

Digicel Prepaid users only. 

7. How do I check my balance?

You can dial *130# to check your balance. 

8. What is the validity of the Bikpla Combo Plan?

The plan is valid for 12 hours and are usable only between 6AM - 6PM of the same day. 

9. Will the bundle still be valid for use tomorrow between 6AM - 6PM if I buy it today after 12PM?

No. This plan is only valid for 12 hours, so if you purchased it anytime today between 6AM - 6PM then it will expire at 6PM the same day.   

10. If I repurchase this plan, will there be bundle increments?

Yes, the bundle will increase. 

11. Are there any restrictions on the 1GB?

No, this data is open for any use. 

12. Are there any restrictions on how I use the 120 minutes and 300 SMS?

Yes, they apply to local Digi - Digi calls and SMS only. 

13. Does this plan include Digital apps bundles?

No, digital app bundles are not included. 

14. Is this plan available for plan gifting?

No, gifting is not included.

15. Will any unused bundle rollover?

No, rollover is not included.

16. Will these plans auto renew?

No, auto renewal is not included.