iTunes Service FAQs


Digicel InTunes service, also known as Caller Ringback Tones (CRBT) is offered to all Digicel customers and allows you to personalize the tune that is played to your callers. After activating the service and purchasing a tune, when someone dials your mobile number, the Digicel network recognizes that you have activated the Digicel InTunes service and plays the tune you selected to the person calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How do I subscribe to the InTunes service?

To subscribe to Digicel’s InTunes service, you can do any of the following:

2.      How much will I be charged to use the InTunes service?

Once subscribed to InTunes, a daily subscription fee of K0.20 applies.

3.      What happens when I personalize my Mobile Phone with my favorite song?

When you activate your favorite song as your New InTune, your callers will listen to a 30-second hook of your favorite song each time they call your mobile phone!

4.      How will I know if my subscription is still active?

Once subscribed, you will receive a daily renewal notification message from 133.

Sample message will read: “Your Intunes bring joy to your callers for only 20t/day. Call 133 for tunes you can select from for only 9t/min. Txt STOP to 133 to cancel Intunes.”

 5.      Do I need to be subscribed to the InTunes service to listen to someone else’s InTune when I call them?

No, you don’t have to be subscribed to InTunes to listen to your friend’s InTune when you call them.

6.      Is there a way I can view a list of songs and their InTunes codes?

Yes. You can view more songs on InTunes and their codes by visiting Digicel’s Music Store URL to . Data charges will apply.

7.      How can I unsubscribe to the InTunes service?

To cancel your subscription anytime, you can text UNSUB or STOP to 133. Otherwise you can call Customer Care on 123 for further assistance.