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Below you will find all the latest offers and promotions we have running for you our loyal customers.

MyDigicel Exclusive Offers

We are running three exclusive promotions for our selected MyDigicel Customers. You must have a prepaid Digicel SIM to be able to qualify for these promotions. Promotion will start on 3rd October, 2022 and will end on 7th November, 2022.


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Samsung Handset Offer

Purchase any Samsung Handset from our stores and get 50GB Data valid for 15 days.


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Double Data

Opt-in to the following 30 day Prime plans or Gift the 30 day Prime Plans through MyDigicel App & Double your monthly plan main data allocation. The Bonus data that is awarded can only be used between 12am to 6am daily, for the plans duration.


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WIN A TRIP for 2 With Digicel International

Send $30 NZD/AUD/USD or more, Top Up (applicable to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, or Vanuatu), or money to family and friends in the Pacific to qualify for your chance to WIN a Trip for 2.

*Promotion Authority Number (NSW) TP/02129.


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Sky Pacific Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer for new customers only. Sign up to Sky Pacific for only $99 and get 30 days free subscription to 25 premium channels filled with world class entertainment and exclusive sports content.


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Receive Money and More with MyCash

Every time you receive $100 or more from overseas into your MyCash account, you also get 7GB data, Free unlimited Digicel to Digicel calls and 20 minutes free international calls. All valid for 7 days!


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MyCash - Fiji Government Inflation Mitigation Assistance

Inflation Mitigation Measures announced in the 2022-2023 National Budget to shield the most vulnerable Fijians from the rapid price increases in food and other essentials due to imported inflationary pressures will be rolled out over the coming weeks.


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Shake It & Win MyCash Money

Shake & Win MyCash Money($5,$7,$10) with the MyDigicel app. To qualify, all you have to do is simply opt into an eligible bundle and play Shake to WIN via MyDigicel app.


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Sky Pacific Bundle Pass

Now you can enjoy Sky Pacific all year around without having to worry about monthly bill payments! Opt in to the Sky Pacific 360 Day Pass Plan and enjoy 25 World Class Channels of Entertainment, Sports, Cartoons, Movies and more on Sky Pacific!


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30 Minutes FREE Calls

Call Australia, New Zealand, or Digicel Pacific countries (Nauru, Vanuatu, Tonga, and Samoa) and talk for 5 minutes or more to receive FREE 30 minutes on the same call.

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Come & Play!

We are giving you an opportunity to try our service by Purchasing a new Digicel SIM with a Prime Data Plan (above $7 value) and if you are not satisfies with our product/service, you get your money back!

You are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of your purchase provided you have used less than 5GB of data.


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MyCash Top Up Offer!

Get 2GB Bonus Data and Double Credit when you either Buy or Gift Top Up of $10 or more with MyCash app.

Your Bonus 2GB Data will expire in 24 hours and the Double Credit will be valid for 7 days!


Try it for yourself today!


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MyCash Wallet to Bank Transfers (with BSP)

Transfer money from your MyCash mobile wallet to your nominated bank account using the *888# USSD menu.


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Saqamoli Data Plan

Opt into our Sunday Exclusive offer for just a SAQAMOLI and receive 8GB any-use data with unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS.

If you opt into the Sunday Exclusive Offer through MyDigicel app, you will get 10GB (8GB plus Bonus 2GB) any-use Data and Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS. All of this for just $1. This is offer will be available on Sunday only. 


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Sign Up to Sky Pacific!

Want to watch your favorite Movies & TV series?. Sign Up for Sky Pacific for only $159 with two month’s subscription free. Hurry to any nearest Digicel store and sign up today. You will get 25 channels at the monthly subscription of $54.95.


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Exclusive Offer

We've got an Excluisve offer just for you! If you are with Digicel, you can qualify via *555# menu option or via MyDigicel app.


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Student SIM Offer

To qualify for our Student SIMs, you will need to have a valid Student ID, to be able to get registered and participate in the promotions which indicates that you can opt-in into any of our Data/Voice and SMS Bundle Offers. Upon topping up the Student SIM with $1 or more, students will receive FREE $6 Credit, additional FREE 6GB Data valid for 3 days. This is a limited time offer. The offer starts on 21st March 2022 and will continue until further notice is given by Digicel to it’s customers.


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All In Home Plan

All In Home Plan Just Got Better! No more restrictions on when and how you use your data. Absolutely Unconditional!


Get 1000GB ANYTIME Data on Unwired.


All In Home Plan is giving 25 world-class channels of entertainment, sport, cartoons and movies; 1000GB ANYTIME Data on Unwired and 30GB Prepaid Data.


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Digicel Rewards

Redeem cool prizes like Handsets, Vouchers, Subscriptions, and so much more! Simply collect points by opting into any of the Digicel Plans + you get points based on the duration you have been with us. Once you have enough points, you can visit any of the nearest Digicel Store to redeem your prize!

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All In Plus $7 Plan

All In Plus $7 Plan is inclusive of 15GB anytime use data, Unlimited Digicel to Digicel Calls and SMS plus 30 minutes of Local any-net calls (Inkk, Vodafone and TFL) valid of 7 days.

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Family SIM Offer

Get your 3 Digicel numbers added to Closed User Group (CUG) for FREE Calls, SMS and Data. Unlimited Free Calls & SMS with 2GB data in each SIM is valid for 30 Days.


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BiP FREE Messaging

Digicel customer can send and receive BiP messages for Free. This means that you do not need a data bundle or credit to be able to send messages.


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MyCash Online Top Up with BSP

Top Up your MyCash mobile wallet directly with BSP’s Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) solution using the Digicel Selfcare Portal. This enhancement enables you to fund your mobile wallet instantaneously by transferring funds from your BSP bank account using your BSP EasyCard or any VISA Debit or Credit card through the IPG portal.

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International Money Transfer!

Have your friends and family overseas send money into your MyCash mobile wallets. If you receive FJ$200 in your MyCash wallet, you will also receive a 2GB bonus data and 20 mins international calls to Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, India, UK, Japan and Malaysia. valid for 48 hours.


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TV Entertainment Package

Tailor made TV Package deals just for you. Sign up to a plan today!

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MyCash 2 UP

Need to Top Up your Digicel mobile number? Now you can get double your Top Up credit with Digicel MyCash mobile wallet. Simply load money at any MyCash Agent so you can buy Top Up for yourself and your loved ones at anytime, anywhere; and enjoy 2X the credit!


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Unwired 3 Day Trial

Try Before You Buy, No Lock in Contract!

We are delighted to introduce to you, a first for Fiji, a FREE Trial period if you are signing up for Unwired! We are giving you this opportunity to try out the service for 3 days before committing to a Unwired's Dynamic Plan.

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Tourist SIM Plans

Our Tourists to have the best experience with us and be a part of the Digicel Family. To qualify for Traveler Plan Promotions, you will need to purchase a tourist SIM pack from our Nadi Airport Store and Top Up by FJ$10, FJ$15 or FJ$30 to receive the Traveler Bundles. The offer starts from 1 December 2021. 

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