Unwired Sign Up

Unwired Sign Up Offer!

Purchase an Unwired Modem for only $99 and receive 1,000GB free data, valid for 56 days.

Promotion Details

Sign up for our Unwired offer and get a modem or MiFi plus 1,000GB of data for just $99. That's enough data to stream movies, work from home, and stay connected with friends and family for 56 days.


This is a limited-time offer, so don't miss out. Express your interest below or visit our Digicel store today to sign up!

1.    What is the total cost of Unwired Signup?
The cost of Unwired signup is $99 inclusive of modem/MiFi plus 1000GB data valid for 56 days.

2.    Is the 1,000GB anytime data?
1,000GB is split into 700GB anytime plus 300GB of streaming data valid for 56 days.

3.    Is there a data rollover for unused data?
No, data rollover is not applicable to this promotion.

4.    What happens when I exhaust my data before expiry date?
Customers can purchase a Dynamic plan from “MyDigicel App” starting from $19.95 for 75GB or our hero plan at $49.95 for 500GB. Find out more here.

5.    What happens after 56 days of purchasing this plan?
Customers can purchase a Dynamic plan from “MyDigicel App” starting from $19.95 for 75GB or our hero plan at $49.95 for 500GB.

6.    What happens if I do not use my unwired account?
Should customer decided to not continue using Unwired, customer are required to return Unwired modem/mifi at a Digicel Store.

7.    Can I temporary suspend one service or all services?
Should you wish to temporary suspend an account you will be required to complete a closure form and your account will be reverted to standard standalone subscription fees. Prepay users[1]reconnect notice else account will be permanently disconnected without notice.

8.    How long does it takes payment to update in the account?
Selected Bill Pay methods as below:

  • Digicel Self-Care Portal: Immediate

  • Dealer Payment: 10mins

  • Retail Payment: 1 Hour

  • MyCash/USSD: 20mins

  • Online Banking : 5 Days

  • SMS Banking : 5 Days

  • Third Party : 3 Days (Carpenters/ Post Fiji) So recommended to pay your bills well in advance

9.    Can I pay in advance to my Prepaid Account?
Yes, any amount of payment can be done.

10.    Can a Triple Play or All In Home customers pay for unwired only?
No, customer will need to contact Digicel first to disconnect Sky and activate the unwired account upon payment.