Choose Your Number!

Freedom to Pick Your Mobile Number

Your Perfect Number Awaits

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Stand out from the crowd and personalize your mobile experience with a Digicel number you'll never forget! Choose your own mobile number for FREE today.  

Here's how:

  1. Visit your nearest Digicel Store. Find a Digicel store near you

  2. Choose any 7-digit number starting with either 7 or 5. Digicel allows you to choose a mobile number that starts with either 7 or 5, and it can be anything from your birthday to your lucky numbers.

  3. Ask our Digicel staff to check the availability of your selected mobile number. The staff will be happy to help you check if your desired number is available.

  4. If the chosen number is available, Digicel staff will provide you with a newly activated Digicel SIM pack with your chosen number, if your chosen number is available, you'll walk out of the store with a brand-new SIM card with your personalized number.

  5. Prefer to register online? No problem! We welcome both Digicel and non-Digicel users to express their interest.

1. Customer must be 18yrs (and/or) above to register for a SIM.

2. Customer can ONLY have two (2) numbers registered under one (1) person and not more.

3. Choose your number is ONLY applicable to Digicel Users.

4. Digicel Terms & Conditions can be found here.

1. How many numbers will I be able to choose?
Standard two number per customer as per SIM registration.

2. Is this applicable for Postpaid as well?
This will need to be communicated with Accounts Manager.

3. Is this available for all customer’s?
Yes, this available for all customers should customers not have more than 2 number’s currently registered under his/her name.

4. Are these number’s already out in the market?
No, number’s that the system generates is NOT already out in the market this is solely generated by the system to provide the closest number possible.

5. Is this available ONLY at the store or can I have this done with Direct Sales as well?
This is available at the store as well as with Team Leaders – Direct Sales.