MyCash BSP Topup

MyCash BSP Topup

Deposit into MyCash easily
A  woman smiling next to a mobile phone with the MyCash app, with cash flying out of it


Top Up your MyCash mobile wallet directly with BSP’s Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) solution using the Digicel Selfcare Portal. This enhancement enables you to fund your mobile wallet instantaneously by transferring funds from your BSP bank account using your BSP EasyCard or any VISA Debit or Credit card through the IPG portal.

How do I deposit money into my MyCash mobile wallet?

1. Open your MyDigicel App (MDA) and tap Digicel Selfcare on the app menu. 

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2. If this is your first time? If so, tap the drop-down menu on Digicel Selfcare to “Sign up!’ and follow prompts. If you are already registered, simply ‘Login’ with your mobile number and password.

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3. You will see the home screen. Tap the drop-down menu to select the “MyCash” option.

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4. You will see the MyCash Top Up screen.  Enter the amount you wish to deposit and select “Pay with BSP”.

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5. Reconfirm your details on the next screen.  Select “Pay with BSP” to continue to the payment screen.

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6. Enter your BSP EasyCard details or any VISA Debit or Credit card details. Select “Proceed” to complete your transaction.

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7. Once completed successfully, you will be redirected back to the Digicel Selfcare home screen and receive a SMS confirming the deposit of funds in your MyCash mobile wallet.

MyCash BSP Topup instructions - Image 7

1.    How do I register for Digicel Selfcare?

Digicel Selfcare is available online and through the MyDigicel App (MDA). You need to visit MDA to access Digicel Selfcare to login to your account. If you have not registered for Digicel Selfcare, please click Sign Up option on the menu and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

You can also log into Digicel Selfcare via the portal.

2.    Will my BSP registered mobile number for online banking need to be the same as my MyCash mobile number?

For BSP EasyCard transfers, you are required to register your Digicel Mobile Number with BSP’s mobile and online banking as an OTP sms will be sent to verify your transaction. Please note normal BSP Internet banking charges will apply.

3.    I am not a BSP bank account holder. Can I still use Digicel Selfcare to Deposit Funds for My MyCash?

Yes, you can use any other bank VISA Debit or Credit card to deposit money into your MyCash mobile wallet.

4.    How long will it take the funds to transfer into my MyCash mobile wallet?

Funds transfer to your MyCash mobile wallet instantly.  You will receive an SMS confirming the deposit from Digicel Selfcare after the transaction is processed.

5.    I have additional questions. Who can I speak to?
You can speak to our Customer Care team via live chat on our Digicel Fiji Facebook PageRuby or call on 123.