Unwired 3 Day Trial

Unwired 3 Day Trial

Try Before You Buy, No Lock-in Contract!

Promotion Details

We are delighted to introduce to you, a first for Fiji, a FREE Trial period if you are signing up for Unwired! We are giving you this opportunity to try out the service for 3 days before committing to a Unwired Dynamic Plan.

1.    Do I need to pay any amount to sign up to a Trial Bundle?

Yes, a refundable deposit of $149 is required for customers to redeem this plan.

2.    What happens to deposit amount should after 3 days?

For customer who wish to continue using Unwired service $149 deposit will be transferred as credit in to customer account. Customers will be able to opt-in using this credit and continue using Unwired OR Deposit will be refunded to customers at a nominated bank account within 10 working days. Refund will be subjected to the following conditions:

  • MiFi/Blade is returned in the original condition within 2 working days after the FREE 3 day trail

  • Mifi/Blade serial number matches with the device issued at signup

3.    After the 3 days trial period, which plans are available or recommended?

For the 1st two months (60days) customer will be on Dynamic 500GB Plan Customer can also opt-in to:

PlanPriceAnytime DataStreaming DataValidity
Dynamic 250GB$29.95150GB100GB30days
Dynamic 500GB$49.95350GB150GB30days
Dynamic 700GB$69.95500GB200GB30days
Dynamic 1024GB$99.95800GB224GB30days

4.    How much data will I get and when will the data expire?

The FREE bundle has 60GB anytime data to experience Unwired services and experience. This FREE bundle will expire in 3 days from signup data and time

5.    What if I choose to continue using Unwired?

$149 deposit will be transferred as credit in to customer account. Customers will be able to opt-in using this credit and continue using Unwired.

6.    What if I run out of data within the FREE 3 day trail?

Customers will need to opt-in to a bundle to continue using Unwired

7.    I have a modem can I get a SIM only?
Yes, customer may get SIM only with deposit of $149

8.    I prefer to be on Postpaid, is there an option for me?

Yes, after your trial period please contact customer care team to convert to a Postpaid Plan.

9.    I have Sky Pacific already can I opt-in to your ALL IN HOME Plan (Unwired/Sky Pacific & Digicel Prepaid bundle)?

Yes, after you trial period please contact customer care team to convert to a bundle Plan.

10.    What if I lose or damage the MiFi/Blade?

Deposit held will be not refunded, however if you wish to continue with Unwired, we will be happy to offer you standard sign up offer.

11.    Is the device outright purchase or on lease?

The actual price of the device is $299. So the device is on lease model and customer has to utilize the service for 12 months minimum after accepting to continue with Unwired after the trial plan

Trial Option : You agree to make a deposit payment of FJ$149.00 (“Deposit”) for a trial modem (“Trial Hardware”) and to use the Trial Hardware for three (3) days (“Trial Period”) to test the services. This is taken on these following Trial Hardware


  1. At the end of the Trial Period, you can return your Trial Hardware for return of your Deposit after deductions according to Clause 3 below and either:

    (a) use your Deposit or part thereof to purchase a new Modem; or

    (b) cease use after the Trial ; or

    (c) if you do not return the Trial Hardware the deposit will be taken as a purchase as in Clause 2 below.

  2. IMPORTANT: The Trial Period is only for three (3) days. If you do not return the Trial Hardware after the Trial Period of three (3) days, You agree that the Deposit will be converted to a purchase of the Trial Hardware. Hence please ensure you return this within the Trial Period.

  3. Return of the Trial Hardware and refund of full deposit will only apply on return of the Hardware within Trial Period of three (3) days with only fair wear and tear exempted. Any damage to the modem will result in a reduction of your deposit at Unwired’s discretion according to the cost to repair or the full Deposit will be retained if the modem is:

    (a) lost;

    (b) stolen; or

    (c) damaged to a point in Unwired’s discretion it cannot be provided to another Customer as Trial Hardware ( including but not limited to        where it does not work or materially defaced to a point where a Customer would not accept the Trial Hardware as a trial unit ). 

  4. Return of deposit is only via nominated bank and within 10 working days of Trail Hardware returned date and in accordance to Clause 3.