MyCash BSP Bank Transfers

MyCash BSP Bank Transfers

Transfer from your MyCash Wallet to your Bank Account
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Transfer money from your MyCash mobile wallet to your nominated bank account using the *888# USSD menu. 

1.    Do I need to register to use MyCash?

Yes, you need to register on MyCash service in order to have a mobile money wallet account and set your own secure 4-digit PIN number.

2.    How do I register for MyCash?

To register for MyCash, download the MyCash app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you have a feature phone dial *888# to access the USSD menu and follow the steps:

  • Enter your registered phone number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Occupation, and Address.

  • You will receive a SMS message with a 6-digit verification code to enter in the MyCash app.

  • You will receive a welcome message and a temporary PIN (personal identification number) via SMS in your phone.

  • Log into the MyCash app using the temporary PIN and you will be prompted to enter a new 4-digit PIN.

You’re now set to start using your MyCash mobile wallet! Visit your nearest Digicel Store or MyCash Agent to add funds and start using your wallet.

3.    How do I transfer money from my mobile wallet to my bank account?

To move money from the MyCash mobile wallet to a bank account, customers need to follow the following steps:

  • Dial *888# and select Option 6 for ‘Bank Transfer’. 

  • Select the correct Bank.

  • Enter the recipient’s Bank Account Name.

  • Enter the recipient’s Bank Account Number.

    • Note: Please ensure that details are correct, as reversal of transaction may not always be possible.

  • Enter transfer amount in cents.

  • Enter PIN to authorize transfer request.

  • Confirm acknowledgement of transfer fee charges and processing time to complete the transfer request.

A SMS confirmation message is sent to confirm we have received the transfer request.

4.    Are there charges for this transfer to bank service?

Yes, you will be charged one of the following fees:

  • $1.00 fee for transfer amounts between $1-$100;

  • $2.00 for transfer amounts between $101-$500; and

  • $3.00 for transfer amounts between $501-$1000

5.    How long will it take the funds to transfer into my bank account?

Depending on the time of transfer and bank selected, your transfer will be credited to your bank account on either the same day or take 1-2 business days.

6.    What happens if I get an error message that I am an Inactive User or do not have a PIN?

If the error occurs, please try to register for a MyCash account using the App or dialing *888#. If you still have issues, please speak to our Customer Care team via live chat on our Digicel Fiji Facebook Page, Ruby Live Chat or call on 123.

7.    What happens if I get timed out?

If you get timed out while trying to complete your transaction, simply dial *888# to restart the process.

8.    I have additional questions, who can I speak to?

You can speak to our Customer Care team via live chat on our Digicel Fiji Facebook Page, Ruby Live Chat or call on 123.