Exclusive Offer

Exclusive Offers

Dial *555# to opt in

Promotion Details

We've got an Excluisve offer just for you! If you are with Digicel, you can qualify via *555# menu option or via MyDigicel app:

USSD Option

  1. Dial *555#

  2. Select "Exclusive Offers" and

  3. opt in to the available exclusive Plan for you

Via MyDigicel app

  1. Log into MyDigicel App

  2. Select "Plans and bundles" tab

  3. under "Available Plans" click on the drop down menu of “Offers for you” and

  4. opt in to any of the available exclusive Plan for you

To qualify for our Lumata Promotions (Exclusive Offers), you will receive the promotional SMS on your existing Digicel SIM card, which indicates that you can opt-in into any of the exclusive offers and states the start and end date of the promotion. This is a limited time offer only for selected customers. Plan will be visible on *555# under Exclusive Offers (option 3) and Offer For You tab under available plans on MyDigicel App.

Note that not all customers will qualify for this promotion as it’s only for selected Digicel Prepaid Customers only. A customer can opt in multiple times or just one time (depending on the promotion) as per the SMS that the customers will receive. Digicel’s fair usage policy and standard terms and conditions pre-paid services apply to this offer and can be found on our website.