Digicel MyCash 5% Cashback

Digicel MyCash 5% Cashback

at Extra Supermarket

Promotion Details

Digicel MyCash is offering a 5% cashback promotion on your grocery shopping at Extra Supermarket! Pay using MyCash QR code scan or *888# service between May 29th and August 31st, 2024, to get 5% back on your rounded-up transaction amount (minimum $1 purchase). Don't miss out on this chance to save on your groceries!


  1. Eligibility:

This promotion is only valid for customers with active MyCash accounts.


2 . Cashback Details:

You will receive 5% cashback on the rounded-up transaction value, with a minimum purchase of $1.

The cashback will be credited instantly to your MyCash account used for the transaction.


3. Payment Method:

To qualify for the cashback, you must pay for your groceries at Extra Supermarket exclusively using Digicel MyCash.

Payment methods like cash, debit/credit cards, or any other payment mediums other than MyCash) are not eligible.


4. Additional Terms:

Digicel reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time.

For inquiries or complaints, please contact Digicel Customer Care at 7003123.