Sky Pacific Grey/Silver Set Top Box Notice

Set Top Box Upgrade

Grey/Silver Set Top Box

All customers with grey/silver set top box (also known as a decoder) are required to upgrade their decoders to the new black set top box (also called black decoder) by 30th June 2023.

How? Simply visit a Digicel store, return the grey/silver set top box and update your subscription by $54.95.

Our new black decoder offers play, pause, rewind and record features as well as access to an additional channel namely TVWAN Sports 2. Click here to view TVWAN Sports 2 content. Upgrade today and get 26 channels for $54.95 valid for 28 days.

Effective from 1st of July 2023, services for all grey/silver decoders will be suspended.

►Applicable to active Grey/Silver Box customers only.

►As of 1st of June 2023, Sky Pacific will stop accepting payments for old Grey/Silver decoder accounts

►After 1 July 2023, a $100 fee applies to customers seeking to replace the old grey/silver decoder with the new black decoder.

1. Why do customers have to upgrade to the new black decoder even if the grey decoder is working fine?
Sky Pacific has initiated an upgrade to its equipment and services. In order to use the upgraded services, customers will need to pick up and the new black decoder. All services to the old grey/silver decoder will reach end of life eventually hence all services will be suspended to these decoders on 1 July 2023.

2. Is the new black decoder FREE?
Yes, there is no fee to exchange your old grey/silver decoder for the new black decoder. To gain access to updated content and all 26 channels using the new black decoder, you will need to update your subscriptions by paying $54.95.

3. Will the new black decoder always be FREE?
No, on 1 July 2023 onwards all customers will pay $100.00 to acquire the new black decoder (regardless of whether he/she returns the old grey/silver decoder on top of $54.95 to access the updated content).