Legal Rates

Service TypeRate TypeRateUnit
VOICEOn-net Voice0.596 Seconds
Off-net Voice0.596 Seconds
Off-net Fixed0.596 Seconds
International Band 1a0.596 Seconds
International Band 1b0.796 Seconds
Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Nauru, PNG, New Caledonia & Marshall Island0.796 Seconds
International Band 20.996 Seconds
USA, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Finland, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Laos, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Greece, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Phillipines, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong0.996 Seconds
International Band 31.99
United Kingdom, Rest of the Pacific and the World not including those in group 41.99
International Band 44.99
Wallis & Futuna, Seychelles, East Timor, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cape Verde, Latvia, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Norfolk Islands, Tunisia, Cuba4.99
International Band 520.91
Inmarsat Satellite Calls20.91
SMSOn-net0.20Per SMS
Off-net local Mobile/fixed0.20Per SMS
International SMS0.20Per SMS
DATAOut Of Bundle Browsing0.05Per MB
Directory Services (933)Off-net0.5Per Call

1.    What are the new rates for local and International calls, texts & OOB browsing?
Please refer to Table 1 with new rates.


2.    If my number is on Anytime flex or Long Talkers will the new rates apply to my calls, texts and Out of bundle internet session?
No, the new rates only apply to the Classic flex, Student SIM and Visitor SIM. Your number will migrate to Classic plan as Anytime and Long Talkers will cease to exist.


3.    Can I request to put my number on Student SIM or Visitor SIM plan?
Yes you can however you need to provide proof that you are a student or a Visitor for this change. i.e. Student ID or valid Airline ticket


4.    If my number is on classic plan and I call a number on student sim or visitor sim priceplan will I get charged the same rate?
Yes, you will be charged the same rate if you call any Digicel mobile or digifixed number irrespective of your priceplan.  The same rate apply when calling Vodafone Mobile and fixed landline numbers.  


5.    What is the default plan for new Digicel SIM cards?
Classic plan is the default priceplan for all new prepaid SIM cards.


6.    What is the out of bundle rate to browse the internet?
$0.05 per megabyte (MB). The OOB rate has been reduced from $0.33 per megabyte.


7.    Is there a way for me to opt out from using the Out of bundle rate when browsing the internet?
Yes, once the data bundle is fully utilized customer will receive a SMS to send ‘Y’ to 144 to continue with OOB browsing or purchase another plan on *123# or MDA to continue browsing. If customer send ‘Y’ to 144 Out of bundle will be allowed and every time customer runs out of data bundle the browsing session will continue charging from ABM (Credit) balance.


8.    How can I stop Out of bundle browsing from chewing my credits? 
You must call in to customer care on 123 to Opt in your number to Digicel On Worry Off (DOWO) to stop out of bundle browsing once bundle is fully utilized.