EPC Cash Power on MyCash

EPC Cash Power on MyCash

Buy Cash Power Easily with Digicel MyCash App

Buying prepaid Cash Power is now easier than ever with the Digicel MyCash App. You can buy Cash Power from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere. Just follow the simple steps on the app or dial *888#. It's safe, convenient, and user-friendly.


  • Buy Cash Power anytime, anywhere

  • Safe and secure

  • Easy to use

  • Convenient


  • Save time and hassle

  • Avoid the crowds

Get started today! Download the Digicel MyCash App or dial *888#.

1. How can I buy Cash Power on MyCash & *888#?
Visit MyCash App or dial *888# and follow the simple steps below;

Steps to buy Cash power on *888#:

Step 1: Dial *888# on your mobile phone

Step 2: Select option 4 for ‘Pay Bills’

Step 3: Choose option 6 for EPC

Step 4: Enter Meter Number

Step 5: Enter Amount (in sene) i.e. $10 – enter 1000

Step 6: Enter PIN for secure access to MyCash account

Step 7: Confirm (Press 1 to confirmation transaction)

Step 8: Wait for Message from 88 to notify of successful transaction

Steps to buy Cash power on MyCash App:

Step 1: Log into your My Cash App

Step 2: Go to "More" on the bottom right hand corner

Step 3: Go to Bill Pay

Step 4: Add Bill

Step 5: Select EPC as Biller and

Step 6: Enter name and meter number

Step 7: Enter amount and Pay

Step 8: Enter MyCash 4 Digit PIN

Step 9: Wait for Message from 888 to notify of successful transaction

2. Are all customers eligible to purchase cash power on MyCash & *888#?
Yes, all Digicel prepaid & postpaid customers can purchase cash power on MyCash App & *888# given there is a MyCash account linked to your Digicel number.

3. Can both Automatic Smart meter and traditional Manual meter buy cash power through MyCash App & *888#?
Yes, cash power for both Automatic Smart meter and Manual Meter can buy cash power on MyCash App and *888#.

4. What is the Minimum amount you can buy through MyCash App & *888#?
The minimum amount of Cash power you can purchase is $10.

5. Can I roll back my Cash power if the wrong amount was entered?
No, Customers are given an option to view and confirm the transaction details before they press send to complete the transaction. Therefore, it is always in your interest to carefully review and confirm the details before you press send because once executed the transaction is irreversible.

6. What happen if I have insufficient balance in MyCash account?
You will receive an error that you have insufficient funds in your MyCash account. You must have sufficient balance in your MyCash account to complete your purchase.

7. Is there a service fee for purchasing cash power on MyCash App & *888#?
No, there is no service fee, you only pay for the desired amount of prepaid cash power.

8. How can I obtain the token number to enter into my traditional manual meter?
Customers with manual meters will receive a trigger message with the token number.

9. Is there a history that I can view so I can keep track of all my transactions?
Yes, you receive a text message for every transaction you make and it is stored in your SMS for history.

10. Am I able to send Cash power to another Household?
You are able to send Cash power to another meter as long as the meter number is correct and the receiver's name is correct.

11. How can I download the MyCash App?
Click here to download MyCash App and register for this incredible service.

12. Who can I contact if I have issues with cash power on MyCash or *888#?
For more information and/or enquiries, please contact our Customer Care team on 123 or Live chat with MyDigicel App.