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Big On Data Bundles


Promotion Details

Start Date: 14th November 2022

End Date: On-going

Participants: Prepaid Users

Current Big On Data Plans Revised Big On Data Plans
Plan NameChargeValidityDataPlan NameChargeValidityData
Big On Data_5$5.001 day5GBBig On Data_5$5.001 day5GB
Big On Data_10$10.003 days10GBBig On Data_10$10.003 days10GB
Big On Data_15$15.005days15GBBig On Data_15$15.005days15GB
Big On Data_20$20.007 days25GBBig On Data_20$20.007 days20GB
Big On Data_50$50.0014days60GBBig On Data_50$50.0014days50GB

Revised Big On Data Plans:

·       Data allocation for Big on Data $20 has reduced from 25GB to 20GB
·       Data allocation for Big On Data $50 has reduced from 60GB to 50GB

1.     How can I purchase these plans?

You can purchase these plans on MyDigicel App or USSD code *123#


2.     Will these plans be available to all prepaid users?

Yes, all prepaid users except for Visitor SIM users and Roaming numbers


3.     Will my data rollover?

No data rollover is not applicable


4.     What is Auto-Renew?

Auto-renew are plans that are automatically renewed upon expiry given there is sufficient credit to renew the plan.


5.     Do I get charge if I choose Auto-renew?

Yes, choosing Auto-renew plans indicates that you allow the system to deduct credit from your account and award the bundles automatically. A message will be sent advising you that the bundles have been auto-renewed.


6.     How do I Opt out from Auto-Renew?

To Opt Out, dial *123# select 2 for data plans and select 6 for Opt Out and select plan to opt out from.


7.     Will I be able to auto- renew my BIG On plan?

Yes, it is applicable if you have sufficient funds. The plan with auto renew after expiry.


8.     Will my left over data roll over when plan is auto renewed?

No rollover is not applicable. A message will be sent advising you that the bundles have been auto-renewed.