Unleash nonstop fun with Digicel Nauru’s Super Magmein plan & home internet deals

Unleash nonstop fun with Digicel Nauru’s Super Magmein plan & home internet deals

Nauru – Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Digicel Nauru today has announced new data deals for prepaid mobile and home internet customers. The Super Magmein prepaid plan gives 200GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, all for $99 a month.

In addition, the home internet plan offers unlimited data for $120 a month. This offers 1TB of data at uncapped speeds, and then customers can continue to access data at speeds of up to 1.5Mbps.

Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, said data rates have reduced dramatically, and today Nauruans can enjoy unlimited calls and texts with these deals, providing great value.

“We’re revolutionising the market to become your digital lifestyle partner for all Nauruans. We know data is king, and that is why we are introducing the Super Magmein and the home internet plans,” commented Christopher.

He added; “These offers let you indulge in your favourite social media, streaming and downloads and more for 30 days. Unleash your creativity on the go with 200GB of data, you have more than enough data to create social media content and stream videos anywhere. But wait, there’s more! Super Magmein plan throws in unlimited calls and texts to keep you connected throughout the month. This all-inclusive 30-day deal gives you freedom to connect, your way.

“We hear you to get our plans right. We understand everyone uses data differently. Super Magmein offers more data, longer minutes, and significant savings to fit your needs. It’s our commitment to better value for all,” added Christopher.

Digicel Nauru is also proud to launch a customer loyalty program in the country, Digicel Rewards.

When you use Digicel Nauru services, like calls, texts or buying data plans, you earn reward points each month based on your membership tier. The more you spend, the more points you get according to your tier level. You can then use these points including any points you had at the start of the month to redeem a rewards bundle. You can only redeem one bundle per month, so choose wisely!

“This exciting program allows us to show our appreciation for our customers’ loyalty and trust over the years. By offering meaningful rewards and enhancing their overall experience, Digicel Rewards aims to not only increase customer engagement but also solidify Digicel Nauru’s position as a valued partner in the Nauruan community, going beyond just a network provider,” concluded Christopher.

You can opt into the Super Magmein plan via the MyDigicel Pacific App or dial *141# from your prepaid mobile. To sign up and subscribe to the Home Internet plan, visit a Digicel Nauru store.