Digicel Nauru presents AU$2.34M Dividend Payment

Digicel Nauru presents AU$2.34M Dividend Payment to Major Shareholder

Nauru - June 9th, 2023

Digicel Nauru is delighted to announce the presentation of dividend payments to its major shareholder, the Nauruan Government.

Digicel Regional Pacific CEO, Ms. Shally Jannif and Digicel Nauru CEO, Mr. Christopher Manaog presented the dividend cheque to the Minister for Telecommunication Hon. Pyon Deiye at the Government Building today.

Digicel Nauru takes great pride in its commitment to supporting the growth and development of Nauru’s telecommunications sector. As part of this commitment, the company is pleased to distribute dividend payments to its esteemed shareholders.

The dividend breakdown for the Government is as follows:

·         Ordinary Dividend: AU$2,012,371.31

·         Special Dividend: AU$329,071.63


These dividend payments represent the company’s dedication to delivering strong financial performance and providing an attractive return on the Government’s investment.


Digicel Nauru acknowledges the unwavering support and guidance provided by Minister for Telecommunications Hon. Pyon Deiye. His leadership and vision have been instrumental in shaping the telecommunications landscape of Nauru.


Ms. Jannif expressed her gratitude to Hon. Pyon Deiye for his continuous support.


“Digicel Nauru is honoured to stand alongside the Government and People of Nauru as a trusted telecommunications provider.”


“We reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the people of Nauru for providing innovative and reliable telecommunications services and to continuously investing in the development of the nation’s digital infrastructure which will enhance the lives of its citizens. We remain dedicated to supporting the Government’s vision for a connected and digitally inclusive Nauru, enabling the people to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world,” added Ms. Jannif.


Digicel Nauru CEO, Christopher Manaog, commented; “We understand that connectivity has become an integral part of everyday life for Nauruans. We place our customers at the forefront of everything we do and this is exemplified in our latest ‘You Are Our #1’ campaign which embodies Digicel’s commitment to community projects, customer satisfaction, and enhancing communication and entertainment experiences.”


“Beyond connectivity, we are equally committed to fostering growth and development through strategic partnerships, uplifting the aspirations and dreams of our people. We are, Better Together, and we will continue to build a connected future, empowering Nauru to reach new heights,” added Mr. Manaog.