VU | Digicel Vanuatu unveils its stateo f-the-art contact centre

Digicel Vanuatu unveils its state of the art contact centre

Port Vila, Vanuatu – Thursday, 28 March 2024

Digicel Vanuatu today announced the official opening of its state-of-the-art contact centre, marking a significant milestone for the company and Vanuatu.

The “first of its kind in the country” facility represents Digicel Vanuatu’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and support to its valued customers while boosting economic development by creating new jobs and outsourcing opportunities.

Digicel Vanuatu CEO, Yaser Maher, said; “The launch of our contact centre signifies a new era for the company. We are not only raising the bar for customer experience within the industry but also establishing our company as a leading provider of outsourcing services in the region.”

Digicel Vanuatu’s innovative contact centre extends far beyond traditional customer service functions. The facility serves as a comprehensive hub, offering many services – teams provide voice and chat support for all Digicel Vanuatu products, promote products and services to help ensure that customers know about the latest offerings, and provide Digicel Vanuatu with a platform for targeted mobile advertising. The centre also offers telemarketing, tele-surveys and community call responses. These services will help Digicel Vanuatu’s partners in Vanuatu and abroad. Customer calls outsourcing customer calls.

The contact centre boasts a team of local support personnel, contributing to job creation in Vanuatu.

“We are proud to have a team of talented Vanuatu citizens at the core of our contact centre operation. Their dedication and expertise will be instrumental in delivering exceptional service and propelling our growth strategies,” stated Yaser.

The Digicel Vanuatu contact centre is outfitted with a variety of communication channels, including voice, SMS and chat, that are designed to provide seamless communication and efficient service delivery for customers and partners.