Digicel Samoa works with Samoa Surety for Mobile Phone Financing

Digicel Samoa works with Samoa Surety for Mobile Phone Financing

Apia, Samoa – Thursday, 21 March 2024

Digicel Samoa and Samoa Surety Finance Limited have announced an initiative to offer Digicel Samoa customers payment plan options for purchasing mobile phones, including Samsung and iPhone, from any Digicel Samoa retail store.

Digicel Samoa CEO, Anthony Seuseu, stated; “This is an exciting initiative for Digicel Samoa, supported by Samoa Surety, enabling Samoa Surety to provide our customers with an option for financing, allowing them to buy new mobile phones with weekly payments."

“This initiative enables customers to purchase phones and make payments over time. Select your desired phone, apply for financing with Samoa Surety and upon approval, receive the phone and pay it off in weekly installments to Samoa Surety,” added Anthony.

Samoa Surety Director, Aloali’i John Low, said; “We are pleased to be working with Digicel Samoa and we look forward to building and growing the relationship with their employees and customers. This initiative also aligns with Central Bank of Samoa’s National Financial Inclusion Strategy for Samoa and benefits our people by enabling more access to digital and communications resources such as internet access and mobile phones.”

This initiative underscores Digicel Samoa’s commitment to empowering the country with the latest mobile technology.