Digicel PNG Foundation Gives 20 Local Organisations up to K50,000 each for projects

Digicel PNG Foundation Gives 20 Local Organisations up to K50,000 each for projects.

Representatives from the 2023-2024 successful Community Grants recipients in Madang Province for the capacity building training from 18-19 April 2024.
2024 Grant recipients

Wednesday 8th May 2024, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea || Digicel PNG Foundation has given up to K50,000 each to 20 local civil society organisations across Papua New Guinea through its Community Grants Program. The PGK1 million worth of grants will support the selected organisations in delivering their projects and programs in the areas of education, health, social inclusion, sustainable livelihood, and peace.


Since 2019, Digicel PNG Foundation provides local non-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for grants of up to K50,000 through its Leadership for Change Community Grants Program. The Foundation also provides a capacity building training in addition to the grant support to help organisations implement their projects effectively. To date, Digicel PNG Foundation has supported with 91 grants worth up to K4.5 million.


This year, a total of 375 applications from various organisations from all over PNG were submitted, with 20 successful organisations announced. Representatives from the successful recipient organisations participated in a two-day training in Madang from 18-19 April. The training included a visit to the project site of former recipient Madang Country Women’s Association (CWA) who successfully implemented their project in Madang Province. It also involved participation from a few former successful recipients via video call where participants learned some valuable lessons in project implementation to help them execute their project plans effectively. 


Digicel PNG Foundation CEO Serena Sasingian congratulated the 20 successful recipients and thanked all the unsuccessful organizations for their efforts in applying. She encouraged them not give up, and invited them to apply for future grant opportunities through the Community Grants Program.


‘’There are many local organisations doing great work in the communities. Receiving an overwhelming number of applications from across the country indicates the need to support these organisations and impact lives in a positive way. Digicel PNG Foundation is delighted to be able to offer this support and will continue this program so that we can continue to assist those who are providing solutions to local problems so that no one gets left behind.’’


Many of the training participants were very grateful for the learning experience. One of them was Men of Honour Unsung Hero for Highlands Region and Founder for Kanamanda Resource Centre Mr. Johannes Kundal who acknowledged Digicel PNG Foundation for going the extra mile in providing the training in addition to the grant support for community-based organisations.

‘’I am grateful that Digicel Foundation is not just giving us the grants, but they also want us to utilize the funds effectively. This training has given me more insight and will help me a lot.’’


The 20 organisations are now in the process of implementing their projects and programs in their respective communities.