Digicel Nauru – Building Better, Powered by Your Feedback

Digicel Nauru – Building Better, Powered by Your Feedback

Nauru – Thursday, 28 March 2024

Digicel Nauru, committed to the Nauruan community since 2009, reaffirms its dedication to continuous improvement. Under its ‘Building Better’ campaign, Digicel Nauru is committed to making a positive impact on society through ongoing investments in network infrastructure, innovative services and community support.

Digicel Nauru proudly highlights its significant achievements, which have been strongly influenced by invaluable customer feedback. Through continuous efforts to enhance services, the company has achieved remarkable milestones. These include expanding coverage to encompass most parts of the island by installing two new cell towers, ensuring connectivity reaches even the most distant areas.

Moreover, improvements in streaming speeds have been implemented for popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, enhancing user experience. In a commitment to delivering greater value, Digicel Nauru has revamped its Magmein plans, offering increased data allowances for customers. Additionally, the introduction of 24/7 customer service ensures assistance is readily available at any time and from any location.

The company has demonstrated its dedication to community support through various sports initiatives such as AFL Nauru, powerlifting, cycling and providing data assistance to people living with disabilities. The support for Miss Nauru and the Miss Pacific pageant contributed to promoting Nauruan culture on an international platform.

These achievements underpin Digicel Nauru’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers while also fostering community development.

“We understand that you want better and we are listening. We are proud to be able to help support Nauru and its growth. We aren’t perfect, but we’re committed to listening, learning and always building better,” said Christopher.

Digicel Nauru remains dedicated to continuous improvement, focusing on utilising cutting-edge satellite technology to enhance service quality. The company is also preparing for the arrival of the East Micronesia submarine fibre cable in late 2025, offering a more reliable and improved data experience.


“We want our customers to know that we hear them and we are committed to making a positive difference in their lives. Building Better is more than a tagline; it’s a core value at Digicel Nauru. Through these initiatives, we illustrate our commitment to our customers, the community and Nauru’s future. Together, we will continue building better,” concluded Christopher.

Digicel Nauru is committed to delivering better value, better coverage and better services for a connected Nauru.