Digicel supports Climate Justice fundraising and concert

Digicel Vanuatu supports Climate Justice fundraising and concert

Port Vila, Vanuatu – Friday, 31 March 2023.

Digicel Vanuatu has donated 100,000VT to the Climate Justice fundraising and concert to support local climate activists in their fight for climate justice.


The Climate Justice fundraising and concert was organized by Vanuatu Wan Voes KIVHAN in partnership with Nabanga groups and the Media Association of Vanuatu on 29 March.


The event was organised after twin cyclones devastated the country earlier this month in an effort to band communities together in solidarity. Also, providing a platform to inform the country on Vanuatu’s climate initiatives.


Digicel Vanuatu is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates and is proud to be a part of the event supporting Climate Justice.


Digicel CEO, Yaser Maher, said; “Pacific Countries such as Vanuatu are among the smallest contributors to climate change but these countries are the most affected by the adverse impacts of climate change. Digicel Vanuatu believes in the fight for Climate Justice and hopes that this 100,000VT will help create a positive impact towards Climate justice and help to improve the lives of those in need.”


The concert featured many artists, local and international. Local food was sold to people attending the event and Digicel Vanuatu set up the ‘Digicel tree for climate Justice’.


A collective artwork made by the community as many hands came together to create the leaves, trunk, and branches of the tree promoting solidarity and the collective effort it will take for the country to recover.