Samsung Christmas offer – MyCash QR pay

Samsung Christmas Offer – MyCash QR pay

Samsung Offer

Promotion Detail

Digicel is announcing its’ Samsung Christmas offer, where customers can receive discounts on Samsung A24 and Samsung A04S when purchasing through MyCash QR pay

Normal Retail Price: - Samsung A24 – 34,500VT - Samsung A04S - 22,900VT

MyCash QR Pay Price: - Samsung A24 – 32,500VT - Samsung A04S - 21,000VT

1.Is this available in all Digicel Sales outlets?

No, this is only available in the following Digicel Sales outlets:

1. Santo:

- Digicel Flagship shop

2. Vila:

- Digicel Flagship shop in town

- Digicel Flagship shop at Nambatu

- Digicel AirPort Domestic Kiosk

- Digicel Airport International Kiosk

- Digicel Port Vila Main Market Kiosk

2. Do customers have to have MyCash in order to purchase through MyCash QR Pay?

Yes, customers are asked to download the MyCash app or Dial *888# and register or if they already have an active MyCash account, they can use it to do QR pay.

3. Where can customers load their MyCash wallet?

Customers are advised to visit any Digicel MyCash-approved agents to Cash into their MyCash wallet.

4. If a customer’s MyCash account is inactive, what should they do?

Customers with inactive MyCash accounts are advised to simply log in to their wallet using their 4-digit PIN and visit an agent to load eCash into their wallet.

5. If a customer forgets their MyCash account PIN, what should they do?

If a customer forgets their MyCash account PIN, they are advised to visit a Digicel retail/ Kiosk with a valid ID for the Digicel team to reset their MyCash account PIN upon presentation of valid identification.

6. When does this offer end?

This offer will be ongoing on a while stock-last basis.

7. How will all the Christmas promotions be advertised?

- Daily Post

- Radio

- Billboard

- Website

- Social

- Text to base

- Flyer