DTV Premium Plans

Premium Plans for DTV

Five phones, with sports and movies, and the DTV logo


PlanPriceAdditional DataValidity
Premium DTV 1 Day200VT1GB1 day
Premium DTV 7 Days1,000VT7GB7 days
Premium DTV 30 Days2,500VT10GB30 days

The Basic Package includes 6 channels + 6 local channels which total up to 12 channels. The Premium Package has 24 channels + 6 local channels which total up to 30 channels.

DigicelTV app logo

1.      What is Digicel TV App?

Digicel TV App also known as “DTV” App is a streaming mobile application that offers viewing of local & international IPTV and radio channels. The best place to catch all your favourite sports content such as International Rugby (including Rugby League, HSBC Sevens, Six Nations), NBA All-Stars, NFL, Premier League & so much more for everyone!


2.      What are the packages offered for DTV App?
There are two (2) packages;

  • Basic Package which includes 6 channels + 2 local channels which total up to 8 channels + all radio stations.

  • Premium Package has 21 channels + 2 local channels which total up to 23 channels + all radio stations. See below the list of channel for each package;

TVWAN Pacific
ABC Australia
TV 5
TV 3
Trace Urban
Rock Extreme
Rock Entertainment
Love Nature
Planet Fun
Edge Channel
Premier League
TWWAN Sports Pacific
TVWAN Sports 2

Local Radio StationInternational Radio Station
EyeSpyRadio Australia

3.      How can I access the packages?

Basic package is free by default and available to everyone. Free data will be offered with your Prime bundle to use for the DTV App.

To watch premium channels you would have to buy a Premium plan which comes with allocated data to stream app

Plan NamePriceAdditional DataValidity
Premium DTV 1 Day$2.001GB1 day
Premium DTV 3 Days$5.002GB3 days
Premium DTV 5 Days$10.005GB5 days
Premium DTV 30 Days$30.0015GB30 days

4.      Am I able to watch DTV app with a Premium plan only without a normal data plan on my number?
Yes. You can stream DTV app with a premium plan on your number without any normal data active on number.


5.      How can I download the Digicel TV App?
It is available for download on PlayStore and AppStore.


6.      Is DTV available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers to use?
Yes, both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can download and use the DTV App.


7.      What device operating system is DTV App compatible on?
Operating Systems compatible to download app are, Android 5 or higher and IOS 11 or higher.


8.      I just bought a DTV Premium plan, but the premium channels are all locked
If your premium plan was successfully awarded and notified by sms, please try a quick app refresh by either

i.      Log out from account and log back in or

Clear app cache- open DTV app > click top right icon > click clear cache

9.      Is Digicel TV App the same as Digicel TV?
No, Digicel TV App is independent and is the replacement of the PlayGo application. This is meant to be used on mobiles only.

 Digicel TV license and content rights are different to that of DTV App. The content and channels may differ. There would be some channels and content which would be identical.

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