Night Data Plan

Night Data Plan

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Night Plan

Promotion Detail

Customers pay 100VT and receive 10GB data bundle valid only from midnight to 6am (6hrs validity)

Customers can only purchase plans through the MyDigicel App (old or new version) under the MDA Spesel Offa Plans category. The plan is not available on USSD *555#

1 How do I subscribe for the Night Data Plan?

Customer can only purchase plan through MyDigicel App (old or new version) under the MDA Spesel Offa Plans category. Plan is not available on USSD *555#


2 Can I subscribe on the Night Data plan anytime during the day/ night?

No, plan is only visible on MyDigicel App starting midnight 12AM to 6AM in the morning.

This is the only time period where customer can purchase the Night Data plan.


3 What happens if customer subscribe to the Night plan before 6AM?

If customer opt0in to the plan before 6AM, they will receive the 10GB night data bundle but it will expire at 6AM same day.

Purchasing the night plan just before 6AM does not extend validity period to next 6hours nor starting midnight


4 Can I subscribe for Night Data Plan more than once?                                                                   
Yes, there is no limit to how many Night Data Plan you can subscribe for.

5 If I subscribe a second time on the Night data plan, will the leftover data bundle from my first subscription roll over?

No, rollover is not applied. Customer will only receive standard night data bundle. This is 10GB.


e.g. customer has 3GB left over bundle from a first subscription and repurchase night plan at 100VT, only 10GB standard bundle will be received. 3GB left over bundle will automatically be removed when new Night plan subscription is activated.


6 Will other types of Customers be able to subscribe for Night Data Plan?                                    
No, only prepaid customer will be able to subscribe for Night Data Plan.

7 How will the product be promoted?

-           Digicel website and social

-           Digicel App

-           Poster

-           Press

-           Radio

-          USSD