MyCash Ria Money Transfer

MyCash Ria Money Transfer

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Ria Money Transfer allows senders and loved ones living across the globe to send money easily to your MyCash wallet! Senders living overseas can visit a qualified Ria store (find a store here) or download the Ria App and register to get started.

  1. Create a free account on the Ria App.

  2. Senders need to confirm the country they are located.

  3. Enter phone number and verify this with the 6-digit code Ria will send.

  4. Set up a password.

  5. Agree to Terms and Conditions and tap Continue.

  6. Enter the below required details to set up Ria account:

    • First name

    • Surname(s)

    • Date of birth

    • Email

    • Other information, including Country of birth, Nationality, Occupation, and ID information

  7. Confirm address and ensure all details are accurate to officially create your account and start sending money home with the Ria Money Transfer app.

  1. Log in and load your Ria account with funds via preferred payment method (usually Credit Card or link to bank account).

  2. Sender to enter transfer amount and required details of the Recipient (Name, preferred Delivery Method as Mobile Wallet, Digicel MyCash mobile number, address).

  3. Sender to confirm the transfer.

  4. Sender will receive a successful notification of payment and the receiver will receive a successful SMS notification.