BiP FREE Messaging

BiP FREE Messaging

Out of credit? Send messages to friends & families free of charge!
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Promotion Details

Download the BiP App to enjoy this free offer. If you do not have any data, as long as your mobile data is on you should be able to send and receive only on BiP messaging app.

1.    Are there prizes to win?

No, there are no prizes to win.

2.    If the mobile data is turned off, will the customer be able to send and receive message for Free?

No, in order to send and receive messages for free, customers need to have their mobile data on.

3.    Do I have to be in a 4G area to send and receive free messages on BiP?

No, customers can be anywhere and send and receive messages for free, as long as their mobile data is turned on.

4.    Where do I download the BiP app?

BiP app can be downloaded from Play Store if you’re using an Android phone or App Store if you are using an iOS phone.

5.    Can customers do video and voice calls for free also?

No, customers need to purchase a Prime Awesome Bundle or AIO plan in order to do a Video or Voice call

6.    Is the Free messaging only applicable around Vanuatu or customers can send messages to their Friends who are using BiP in other countries?

Yes, customers can send and receive FREE messages from their friends and families in other countries.

7.    Is this available to everyone or just some people?

Everyone that has an active BiP account can send and receive messages on BiP.

8.    Promotion start and end date?
Promotion starts on the 1st of June, 2021 and is ongoing.

Conditions; * Digicel subscribers ONLY * BiP USERS ONLY * There are NO prizes