All in One Plans

All In One Plans

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Simply dial *555#, *678# or visit MyDigicel App to opt-in to the new Niufala AIO plans.

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1.    Can customer opt-in many times?

Yes, customer can opt-in as many times as they wish as long as they have sufficient credit on the balance.

2.    Can customer sign up to other plans at the same time?

Yes, customer can sign up to separate plans at the same times as long as they have sufficient balance on their phone.

3.    Does rollover apply to the new Plans?

Yes, rollover applies to data. If plan is purchased with auto-renewal, rollover automatically applies on all unused bundles. If plan is purchased with no auto-renew, same plan must be repurchased before expiry to rollover unused bundles.

4.    What is the app data?

App data is an additional feature that has data allocated especially for PlayGo, dMusic, GoLoud, BiP, Billo and Loop.

5.    Who can I call with the minutes/SMS?

Any Digicel Vanuatu number.  Minutes and SMS are for on-net only.

6.    What is the validity of the plans?

Plans validity ranges from 3 hrs to 7 days.

7.    Are all the plans whitelisted?

There are 6 plans that will be visible to everyone (all prepaid customers).

PriceMinsSMSDataValidityApp Data
50 VT5075100 MB3 hours350 MB
125 VT7575125 MB1 day500 MB
250 VT350350350 MB3 days1024 MB
550 VT80015001250 MB7 days1024 MB
750 VT100020002000 MB7 days7168 MB
1100 VT175030003000 MB7 days7168 MB

The amount of App Data listed above is allocated to each one of these apps:

  • PlayGo

  • DMusic

  • Goloud

  • BiP

  • Loop

  • Billo

8.    Can customer gift the new Plan?

No, Gifting is not open on the new AIO plan.

9.    What happens when customer purchases the new Plan?

Once a new Niufala AIO plan is purchased, customers will receive a notification of the plan purchased and will have to dial *130# to check on their purchased data bundle.

For all prepaid customers only. Not applicable to MIFI, routers, CPE customers.

The customer will dial *555#, *678# to access the USSD menu or can visit MyDigicel App to purchase the new plans. Plan will be available under Spesel Promotions category.

Messages will be triggered accordingly i.e. upon successful subscriptions, lack of balance, etc. Customers will have two options; 

  • Buy with auto-renew

  • Buy 

Bundles will auto-renew if the customer choose “buy with auto-renew” i.e. At the day and time of expiry and if there is sufficient ABM (credit) balance available, credit will be deducted and the data bundle will be attached. 

Any unused data will rollover if non-auto-renew bundles are re-purchased before bundle expiry. If the same bundles are purchased with auto-renew, rollover applies. If the same data plan is not purchased before expiry or if successful auto-renewal of plan does not happen then any used data balance will be forfeited.