Tonga | New Voice & SMS Plan

Voice & SMS Plan Promotion

Exciting Updates to Digicel Tonga's Voice & SMS Plans!

Promotion Details

Digicel Tonga has revamped their voice and SMS plans, offering enhanced value to connect with loved ones. Get ready for more talk time and texts with these fantastic adjustments!

Enjoy generous inclusions of 500 minutes and 500 texts for Daily plans, 1500 minutes and 1500 texts for Weekly plans, and a whopping 2500 minutes and 2500 texts for Monthly plans. Stay connected without running out, perfect for catching up, sharing laughs, and staying in touch.

These plans offer exceptional flexibility too. The Daily plan caters to short-term needs, while the Weekly and Monthly plans provide extended connectivity. Choose the option that best suits your communication style and usage patterns.

Convenient management is at your fingertips! Simply hop on the My Digicel Pacific App and explore the "Available Plan" options under "Voice & SMS Plan" to easily activate the plan that matches your needs.

1.     What plan is changes?
Ø Voice & SMS Plan.
- Below is the list of Voice & SMS plans that we have changes:

Voice & SMSDaily Voice & SMS$33003001 Day
Voice & SMSWeekly Voice & SMS$8150015007 Days
Voice & SMSMonthly Voice & SMS$122500250030 Days

2.    What are the new Voice & SMS plans?

Voice & SMSDaily Voice & SMS$55005001 Day
Voice & SMSWeekly Voice & SMS$10150015007 Days
Voice & SMSMonthly Voice & SMS$152500250030 Days

3.     Where can I opt in to this Voice & SMS plan? 
- Visit My Digicel Pacific App and choose Voice & SMS Plan options under “Available Plan” (Download from App Store for IOS or Play Store for Android).
- Dial *123# > select option #7 for Voice & SMS plan > choose either Options 1 – Option 3.  

4.     Who is available for the offer?
- Prepaid customer subscribers only.  

5.    When do these new plans come into effect?
- 1st February 2024.

6.     Whom do I contacted for more information?
- Please email