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Magazine App is a mobile entertainment service that enable end users to have a full-magazine reading experience in your mobile phones. The service ships a lot of cool features and enhancements designed to maximize the joy of reading magazines, including but not limited to seamless reading experience for online and offline reading, & recommendations.

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1.    What is Magazine App?

This is a ‘one of a kind’ mobile magazine digital kiosk service where the user gets access to multiple zoner of magazines such as Food, Health, Hobbies, Fashion etc. At 20c per day, you get unlimited access to a curated catalogue of digital kiosk.

2.    What is the URL for MAGAZINE APP?

3.    How do I subscribe to MAGAZINE APP?

Once you click on the URL and land on the MAGAZINE APP portal you will see the details of the service including the charges. To subscribe to the service you will see a similar screen as shown below and will have to press the ‘Subscribe’ button to subscribe. 

When confirmed you will receive two (2) similar response SMS:

  1. Welcome Message with details of the service;

  2. The link to portal in order to start enjoying the service.

Subscription SMS:

"Looking for good reads! Escape to an exciting world of Magazines here, (http:URL). 20c/day. To opt out txt STOP to 1700"

Renewal SMS:

"Start reading today with a great range of Magazine collection here, (http: URL). Only 20c per day. To opt out text STOP to 1700"

After confirming the subscriptions you can start using the Magazine App.

4.    How much will I be charged?

Daily subscription to MAGAZINE APP is charged at 20c per day.

5.    Do we need Data to place Games?

To be able to access and play the Games you will need to have:

  • An active subscription &

  • Active Data plan

6.    What happens when I don’t have credit and I subscribe to MAGAZINE APP?

You will not be able to subscribe to MAGAZINE APP with insufficient credit. An automated SMS will be received while subscribing with insufficient credit: “Sorry you have insufficient credit to subscribe to MAGAZINE APP.  Please Top up and try again later. Thank you!

7.    I want to access the MAGAZINE APP. But it doesn’t load, what should I do?

You may not be connected to the Internet or have an active data plan. Please check your data connection.

8.    How can I cancel my subscription?

To unsubscribe, text “Stop” to short code 1700. You will receive the sample SMS as below:

"Service cancelled. To enjoy reading again click here. Only 20c/day."