Digicel Pass the Ball Campaign

Digicel Pass the Ball Campaign

Promotion Details

Digicel Fiji is giving its customers a chance to win fantastic prizes in this “Pass the Ball” campaign. Each customer will have the chance to win by recording a version of their video showing him/her passing a ball (it could be a rugby, soccer, tennis, football, or basketball) to another person and then uploading the video onto their public social media account with the hashtag #digicelwinsookla during the campaign period.

PrizesColumn BDraw Date

The following apply to you as a Participant in the campaign:

(1) These Terms and Conditions;

(2) These Frequently Asked Questions;

The Digicel Fiji Promotions General Terms and Conditions on the Digicel Fiji website (accessible here – all references to Suva, Fiji in the General Terms and Conditions shall mean the country Digicel is operating in as applicable to you, including the capital town/city accordingly)  (collectively the “Terms”).

Start Date: 25/08/2023 End Date: 25/09/2023

1.      How do I participate in this campaign?

You must be at least 18 years old (and older) and follow these steps:


i) Record a video where you pass a ball to another person;

ii) Upload the video on your public social media page using the hashtag #digicelwinsookla; and

iii) Ensure the public social media post of your video is visible until the End Date of this campaign.


2.      When does this campaign start and end?

3.      When is the draw?

4.      How are the prizes drawn?
Winners are selected randomly by Digicel staff on the draw date.

5.      How will I be advised if I have won a prize?
You will be advised via a phone call from a member of the Digicel staff.

6.      Who can participate in the promotion?
Any person residing in the following Digicel operating countries – Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and Nauru (subject to local laws).

7.      Who cannot participate in the promotion?

·       Persons who do not reside in the Digicel operating countries – Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, and Nauru;

·       Any current director, officer, employee, or agent of Digicel or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, divisions, or affiliated companies, franchisees or service agencies, independent contractors, or suppliers of services to Digicel;

·       Immediate families of current Digicel employees;

·       Employees and immediate families of employees of any company associated with this campaign.


   8. What other obligations can I expect?

The prizes will at our discretion be branded at the time of handover to the winner (as applicable). You agree to meet all costs associated with participating in the campaign and collecting any prize or installation thereof.