3 Day Data Plan

3 Day Data Plan


Promotion Details

Buy the $5 data plan from MyDigicel App or *123# you receive 1.3GB valid for 3 days.

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1. Who is this offer available to?

Prepaid customers only.

2. How long is the data bundle valid for?

3 Days.

3. How will I know that I have successfully claimed & have received the 1.3GB data?

After you buy the plan on MyDigicel app you will receive this trigger messages:
“Congratulations! You have now received 1.3GB bundle valid for 3 days.”


  • if you don’t’ have enough balance you will receive the following message:
    “You do not have sufficient balance to buy the bundle. Please top up & visit MyDigicel app to buy plans.”

  •  if your bundle has expired you will receive this trigger message:
    “Your bundle has expired. Please visit My Digicel app or click http://p.mydigicel.net or dial *123# to buy amazing bundles.”

4. Is the data auto-renewed or rolled over?

No, this data bundle can’t be auto-renewed or rolled over.

5. How do I download MyDigicel app?

Visit Play Store or App Store to download the MyDigicel app. Once downloaded and installed, activate your account by registering your phone number.

Note: You can also access the MyDigicel app [here](http://mydigicel.net/)

6. Who can I go to for more information?

Please see the marketing staff or email them at TO_Marketing@digicelgroup.com