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10% Cash Back Promo

MyCash Supercharges Your Spending with 10% CashBack!

Promotion Details

MyCash is turning your everyday purchases into rewarding experiences with their thrilling 10% CashBack promotion! Get ready to unlock a stream of savings simply by using Merchant Payment through your MyCash app.

Imagine this: you scan a QR code at your favorite store, pay seamlessly with MyCash, and instantly earn 10% back – it's like getting a mini discount on every transaction! No minimum purchase, no complicated codes, just effortless rewards on every scan.

And the best part? You can fuel your savings with up to 2 transactions per day, adding a welcome boost to your budget. It's the perfect way to stretch your money further while enjoying the convenience and security of MyCash payments.

So, ditch the hassle of coupons and embrace the joy of instant rewards with MyCash's CashBack bonanza! Remember to check for participating merchants and the offer's timeframe. Stay tuned for more details and prepare to experience the rewarding world of MyCash!

1.     What is the offer?
- 10% CashBack promotions.

2.     How does it work?
- Customers will be able to received a 10% cashback into their mobile wallets when they using Merchant Payment via MyCash.
- This offer was limit to only 2 transactions per day.
- Any amount of Merchants purchase (QR Payment)

3.     How would I know that I received this offer?
- Will notify by a trigger sms message.

 Confirmations Trigger Message.

“Congratulations! You've received INSTANT cashback of $XX.XX to your MyCash! Use MyCash to Top Up your credit/data & QR Pay at accepting outlets or pay your bills.”

4.     If I used Merchant payment via MyCash with more than 2 transactions on a day, would I still receive this offer?
- No, this promotion is limit for only 2 transactions per day.

Also receiving below SMS.

“You have reached your Maximum 10% Money Back transations for today. More transactions will provide tomorrow. “

5.     When will the offer end?
- 31st July 2024.

6.     Who is eligible for this offer?
- All MyCash subscribers.