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Smart Data SIM Plans

New Prepaid Data SIM Plans
New Prepaid Data SIM Plans

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Digicel Pacific launched awesome new Smart Data SIM Plans with data rollover! Existing customers can keep their plans or switch easily via the app or USSD. Don't miss out, sign up today!

Smart 40

  • Data 35 Gb
  • Validity 7 Days

Prepaid price


Smart 70

  • Data 70 Gb
  • Validity 14 Days

Prepaid price


Smart 140

  • Data 170 Gb
  • Validity 30 Days

Prepaid price


1. When will the new plans be available?

The expected launch date for the new plans is 28th March 204. The end date is to be determined.


2. Who is eligible for these new plans?

You can apply for the new plans if you are a Prepaid ISP customer. Postpaid ISP customers are not eligible for these new plans.


3. How do ISP Prepaid Customers convert to the new plans?

ISP Prepaid Customers can automatically convert to the new plans when topping up through retail top-up or online top-up.


4. Is data rollover available for ISP Prepaid customers?

Yes, data can be rolled over for ISP Prepaid customers if they top up before the expiry date of their current plan.


6. Prepaid customers can still apply for old data sim plans?

Yes, old Data SIM plans are still available for customers to choose from alongside the new plans.


7. What are the details of the Prepaid Mobile and ISP plans available?

Plan NamePriceGBValidity
Prepaid ISPSmart 140$ 140.0017030 Days
Prepaid ISPSmart 70$   70.007014 Days
Prepaid ISPSmart 40$   40.00357 Days