Night Owl Bundle

Night Owl Bundle

Get more for less! Download, stream, play with the Night Owl Pass
Night Owl

Promotion Details

The NIGHT OWL bundle is a brand new data plan exclusively available on MyDigicel App and is only available to use from 2am to 7am daily:


Bundle is $2 for 4GB valid from 2am to 7am


4GB Data bundle can be used for any internet applications such as browsing, streaming, emails and social media within the time allocated (2am-7am)

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1.       When can this offer be available?

Offer is available to opt in everyday from 2am to 7am via MyDigicel App. Before 2am and after 7am offer will not be available for opt in. Plan will be available for opt in under “Available Plans” in MDA. Customers cannot opt in this offer from USSD *141#.

2.       When can the NIGHT OWL bundle be used?

4GB bundle can be used from 2am till 7am.

3.       When does the bundle expire?

NIGHT OWL bundle of 4GB Data expires at 7am. Customers will not be able to see bundle after 7am in *130# and in MDA.

4.       Is the NIGHT OWL bundle a renewable bundle?

No, NIGHT OWL bundle is not a renewable bundle.

5.       Is the NIGHT OWL bundle a rollover bundle?

No, any unused NIGHT OWL data bundle after 7am will expire and not roll over to the following day. However, when customers opts in multiple times in same day between 2am-7am, bundle will rollover and will expire at 7am.

6.       What confirmation message is sent when NIGHT OWL bundle is successfully attached?

You are now subscribed to NIGHT OWL Bundle with 4GB Data, valid from 2am-7am. Enjoy!

7.       Is this promo available to everyone?

This promotion is available to Prepaid & Postpay customers. Promotion is only redeemable from My Digicel App.

8.       When will this NIGHT OWL promotion end?

This is To Be Confirmed (TBC). Digicel reserves the right to terminate, cancel, suspend and/or modify the promotion if any fraud, virus or other technical problem corrupts the administration, security, safety or proper play of the promotion.

As of 1st October 2021, during weekdays, the Night Owl data plan will only be made available to customers above 18 years old.

The Night Owl plan will be available for everyone on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Customers will need a valid ID for registration. A customer is allowed to register only one number.

Visit the Digicel store in Aiwo and Capelle for registration during office hours.