Digicel Rewards: Get rewarded for being a customer!

Digicel Rewards: Get Rewarded for Being a customer!

Join Digicel Rewards Today!

Digicel Rewards: Get rewarded for being a customer!

Use your Digicel SIM and enjoy exclusive benefits just for being a loyal customer. The more you use Digicel, the better the rewards you get. Earn points right away and every month, with everything explained clearly in our Terms and Conditions.

Here's what you get:
  • Opening Rewards: Just for joining!

  • Monthly Rewards: The more you use Digicel, the more you earn.

  • Rewards tailored to you: Based on how long you've been with Digicel and how much you spend.

Easy to understand, easy to enjoy.

1.       I am a postpaid or an ISP customer, will I get points too?

No. Digicel Rewards is open to prepaid mobile customers only, however, we are working on some exciting rewards program for postpaid and ISP customers.


2.       How will I know if I have received a Month’s Reward?

You will receive the following text message on the 3rd day of the subsequent month after launch month:

REWARDS! Your current status is BRONZE with $100.89 earned. Dial *141# to check balance and redeem Digicel Rewards. Spend more to upgrade to SILVER for more Digicel Rewards.


3.       How do I check my Digicel Rewards?

By checking on *141# under Digicel Rewards.


4.       What can I redeem with the Digicel Rewards I have?

You may opt in to data and local minutes and SMS bundles. See our terms for details on eligible bundles.


5.       How can customers redeem Digicel Rewards?

To redeem rewards dial *141# and select Digicel Rewards followed by “Redeem Rewards”.

Dial *141# à 4 – Digicel Rewards

4 – Digicel Rewards à 2 – Redeem Rewards


6.       How much balance do I need to have to redeem my Digicel Rewards?

10c in order to redeem a Digicel Reward.


7.       Can I return the Digicel Rewards I redeemed to get my Digicel Rewards back?

Once an eligible bundle is selected, the value of the eligible bundle will be deducted from your Digicel Rewards balance. You will not be able to reverse or return the value you redeemed your Digicel Rewards.


8.       When can redemption take place?

Customers can redeem anytime during the month, however, the redemption can happen only once a month from the list of rewards available on the USSD Menu.


9.       Will my Digicel Rewards Balance expire if I do not use them?

Yes, but only if:

a.           you cease to be an active Digicel prepaid customer for 4 months and more because your SIM will then be subjected to our standard deactivation and recycling processes. Any unused rewards balance will be forfeited but we will notify you by SMS and/or a call before this happens.

b.           you have not performed a chargeable activity in the last 90 days, that is, you have not made a charged call or sent an SMS or purchased any plans.

c.           you have not done any redemption for 6 months, your balance will be deleted to 50%. If you do not redeem for 12 months, then your balance will deplete to 100%.


10.   When will my tier change so I can receive more Digicel Rewards?

Tiers (in Table 2 of our terms) automatically adjust upward or downward as you perform (or not perform) chargeable activities on our network within a value range over a period of time. For eg. You are Gold because you have been on Digicel network for 1-2 years and have been spending $80.01 - $150. To upgrade into Platinum, you must increase your spending to $150+.


11.   What do I need to do to be an active Digicel customer?

To be an active Digicel customer you will need to use your real credit to make calls, send SMS, use data or to opt into any Digicel plans. This activity needs to happen at least once every 90 days.


12.   If my SIM is deactivated and I get another Digicel SIM, can I transfer my Digicel Rewards balance to my new number?

No. Digicel Rewards are not transferable.


13.   If my account gets de-activated and I arrange to get the same number reactivated, what will happen to my rewards balance?

Once a SIM is deactivated, you will lose the balance of the Digicel Rewards that you had. The rewards balance cannot be retained or transferred to the same or new number.


14.   I have two Digicel SIMs, can I combine Digicel Rewards and redeem them?

No. Each Digicel SIM will accumulate Digicel Rewards specific to that number only.




Digicel Rewards is our newest offer giving you, our loyal customers, rewards for your activity on our network. Our Digicel Rewards will be given away based on how long you have used a Digicel SIM and how much you spend with Digicel every month.


   A Digicel Reward is categorized into tiers and each tier qualifies you for rewards in return for your activity on our network.  

Rewards Tier Calculation

$0.00 - $30.00$30.01 - $60.00 $60.01 -$80.00$80.01 - $150.00$150.00+
0-3 MonthsBronzeBronzeBronzeSilverSilver
3-6 MonthsBronzeBronzeBronzeSilverSilver
6-12 MonthsBronzeBronzeSilverGoldGold
1-2 YearsBronzeSilverGoldGoldPlatinum
2-4 YearsSilverSilverGoldPlatinumPlatinum
4+ YearsSilverGoldPlatinumPlatinumPlatinum

(This Table 1 above indicates how your tier is allocated based on the time you have used a Digicel SIM and the amount you have spent on average in the last 3 months)

For eg. If you have spent more than 4 years on a Digicel SIM and on average had spent $50 in the last 3 months, you would fall in $30.01 - $60.00 bracket, thus, your tier is Gold.

Opening Rewards Calculation


Spend segmentOpening Rewards
$0.00 - $30.00$1.00
$30.01 - $60.00$2.00
$60.01 -$80.00$3.00
$80.01 - $150.00$4.00

This Table 2 above indicates how you qualify for Opening Rewards based on what you have spent on average in the last 3 months)

   Digicel Rewards apply instantly upon launch of this offer according to Table 1 and 2 (“Opening Reward”).

For eg. As at the date of launching this offer, if you have spent an average had spent $50 in the last 3 months, you would fall in $30.01 - $60.00 bracket, thus, you would receive $2.00.

Monthly Rewards Calculation

   You are eligible for monthly reward each month when you spend on Digicel services such as charged calls and sms or bundle purchase.

   The rewards are determined by the tier you were on for the month you had spent in. For every dollar spent, you will receive a reward as per your tier stated in Table 3 below.

TierReward Per Dollar

(This Table 3 above indicates how you qualify monthly rewards based on your tier and its corresponding reward per every dollar spent)

   For eg. In May you are a Gold subscriber and spent $40. Being in Gold means you would receive $0.03 per dollar spent, thus, $40 x $0.03 = $1.20.


   Your Month’s Reward is $1.20 and this will be credited to your Rewards Wallet at the beginning of June by the 3rd working day.


   You can use your Digicel Rewards (whether Opening Reward or Month’s Reward) to redeem or opt in to Digicel bundles only once every month. These bundles are:

DataLocal MinsLocal SMS
$1.00500 MB100100
$3.002 GB100100
$5.003 GB100100
$10.0010 GB150150
$50.0050 GB200200


(All redeemed bundles above do not rollover and expire after 3 days. Any unused value will be lost.)



  1.    Digicel Postpaid, ISP customers and Digicel staff are ineligible for Digicel Rewards.

  2. Top Up/Recharge, receiving actual or real credit via Credit U/Me i.e credit transfer and advance are not chargeable activities (unless credit is spent) and are excluded from Digicel Rewards. To be eligible for Digicel Rewards, you must do a chargeable activity like opting in to a plan or making a charged call or sms.

  3.    Digicel Rewards cannot be transferred in anyway nor refunded once redeemed.

  4. Digicel Rewards are forfeited if:

    1. There are no chargeable activities by you for more than 90 days.

    2. If no redemption occurs for 6 months – 50% of the rewards balance will be depleted. If no redemption occurs for 12 months, then 100% of the balance will be depleted.

    3. Our standard deactivation applies for nil activity for more than 4 months where all rewards balance will be depleted.

These rewards can be changed at any time at Digicel’s sole and unfettered discretion:

1.     $0.10 for 30mins local call & 30 local sms, valid for 3 days.

2.     $0.50 for 100mins local call & 100 local sms, valid for 3 days.

3.     $1 for 500MB data & 100mins local call & 100 local sms, valid for 3 days

4.     $3 for 2GB data & 100mins local call & 100 local sms, valid for 3 days

5.     $5 for 3GB data & 150mins local call & 150 local sms, valid for 3 days

6.     $10 for 10GB data & 150mins local call & 150 local sms, valid for 3 days

7.     $50 for 50GB data & 200mins local call & 200 local sms, valid for 3 days