Free Sunday

Simply talk for 5 minutes & get the next 10 minutes FREE for International Minutes to Top 10 countries. *Applicable to prepaid customers for international calls only to selected 10 countries listed below.

International Minutes to Top 10 countries

Country Calls
New Zealand landlines & mobiles
Australia landlines & mobiles
USA mainland/Hawaii/Alaska landlines & mobiles
Canada landlines & mobiles
China landlines & mobiles
PNG Digicel mobiles only
Fiji Digicel mobiles only
Tonga Digicel mobiles only
Vanuatu Digicel mobiles only
Nauru Digicel mobiles only

1.    What happens if my call is less than 5 minutes?

If your call is less than 5 minutes, normal charging rates apply. Rate will depend on the country you are dialling and which plan you are on. E.g. if you call a landline in NZ and your call only lasts 4 minutes, then you will pay normal charges as below:

·         If customer is on Classic Plan, they pay 79 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.16

·         If customer is on Anytime Plan, they pay 85 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.40

·         If customer is on Long Talkers Plan, they pay 85 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.40

·         If customer is using Digifix, they will pay 79 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.16



Group 1a  American Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Nauru, New Calendonia, PNG & Digicel Pacific Networks
Group 1b   Australia & New Zealand
Group 2  USA, China, and most of Europe
Group 3 Rest of the Pacific and the world not including those in group 4
Group 4  Wallis & Futuna, Seychelles, East Timor, Democratic Rep of the Congo, Cape Verde, Lativa, Niue, Solomon Islands & Tokelau


2.    Do my bonus minutes roll over if I don’t use it all up?

Any unused bonus minutes do not roll over for your next call.


3.    What happens if I talk for longer than 15 minutes?

If your call is longer than 15 minutes, a repeated cycle of 5 chargeable minutes and 10 free minutes will be applied once the free minutes have been used up. E.g. If I call NZ for 22 minutes and I am on the Classic Plan, my total cost for my call is:

·         First 5 minutes= 5 x 79 sene = $3.95

·         Next 10 minutes = FREE

·         Second 5 minutes = 5 x 79 sene = $3.95

·         Second 10 minutes = FREE

·         Next 2 mins = 2 x 79 sene = $1.58

·         TOTAL CALL COST: $9.48


4.    Do I pay the same if I am a post-paid customer?

No. This offer applies only to prepaid customers


5.    What if I call countries that are not listed – do I still get 10 minutes free after 5 minutes?

No. Only countries listed are included in this offer. All calls to other countries not listed or any other premium rate calls are not included in this offer. E.g. Singapore, Italy, etc

6.    Promotion end date?
Ongoing until further notice.