Free International Voice Calls

Enjoy FREE Calling in the Pacific every weekend with friends and family in Australia, NZ, USA and with our Pacific neighbours. When you make a call for 5 minutes get the next 25 Minutes Free on the same call every weekend (Friday- Sunday). 



New Zealand
Landlines & Mobiles
Landlines & Mobiles
USA mainland/ Hawaii/ Alaska
Landlines & Mobiles
American Samoa
Landlines & Mobiles
Landlines & Mobiles
Digicel mobiles only
Digicel mobiles only
Digicel mobiles only
Digicel mobiles only
Digicel mobiles only

Start Date: 15th July 2022

Start Time: 00:00:01           

End Date: 13th October 2022

End Time: 23:59:59

a. The promotion is applicable to all Prepaid Customers Only.

b. The promotion has been extended for further 90 days and now includes Friday’s as well which was previously for Saturday & Sunday only.

c. The free minutes has been increased from 10 minutes to 25 minutes. Previously the promotion was to talk for 5 minutes and get the next 10 Minutes Free.

c. Standard calling rates apply for the charged minutes or after free minutes has ended.

d. Customers will have to make another call to avail of the Free minutes once the cycle on the same call has ended which is up to 4 times or 2 hours maximum

e. The promotion is applicable to Top 10 destinations as listed above.

f. Customers will be notified of promotion end date before this offering is no longer applicable

g. For more information call our customer care team on 123.

1.    How do I get free international minutes?
i. Customers will need to make a 5 minutes or more charged call at normal calling rates to avail the next 25 minutes for Free.

ii. The cycle will be repeated up to 4 times on the same call as the maximum call duration is 2 hours. This means 20 charged minutes and 100 Free Minutes for a total call duration of 2 hours.

iii. After the 2-hour cycle, customers can make another call to avail of the 25 Free minutes for every 5 minutes of charged call.

2.    What happens if my call is less than 5 minutes?
If your call is less than 5 minutes, normal charging rates apply. Rate will depend on the country you are dialling and which plan you are on. E.g. if you call a landline in NZ and your call only lasts 4 minutes, then you will pay normal charges as below:

· If customer is on Classic Plan, they pay 79 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.16

· If customer is using Digifix, they will pay 79 sene per minute, their call will cost $3.16


3.    Do my bonus minutes roll over if I don’t use it all up?
Any unused bonus minutes do not roll over for your next call.

4.    What happens if I talk for longer than 25 minutes?
If your call is longer than 25 minutes, a repeated cycle of 5 chargeable minutes and 25 free minutes will be applied once the free minutes have been used up. E.g. If I call NZ for 62 minutes, my total cost for my call is:

· First 5 minutes= 5 x $0.79 sene = $3.95

· Next 25 minutes = FREE

· Second 5 minutes = 5 x $0.79 sene = $3.95

· Second 25 minutes = FREE

· Next 2 mins = 2 x 79 sene = $1.58



5.    Do I get free international minutes during weekdays?
No, normal charging rates apply from Monday to Thursday. You can only get FREE international minutes on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


6.    Do I pay the same if I am a post-paid customer?
No. This offer applies only to prepaid customers. International Minutes are included part of Post-paid plans.

7.    What if I call countries that are not listed – do I still get 25 minutes free after 5 minutes?
No. Only countries listed are included in this offer. All calls to other countries not listed or any other premium destinations are not included in this offer.

8.     What are the call charges for other destinations?


International  Tariff & Grouping





Group 1A

American Samoa



Group 1B

Australia, New Zeland, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Nauru, PNG, New Caledonia & Marshall Island



Group 2

USA, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Finland, Liechenstein, Brunei, Laos, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Greece, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Japan & Hong Kong



Group 3

United Kingdom, Rest of the Pacific and World not including those in group 4



Group 4

Wallais & Futuna, Seychelles, East Timor, Democratic, Republic if the Congo, Cape Verde, Latvia, Niue, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Norfolk Islands, Tunisia & Cuba