DL3 Pro Handset Offer

Buy any handset and get a 1 day Prime Cheehoo bundle upon top up of $5 or more per month for 12 months.

That's Free 1GB any use data, 6GB for Digital Apps (PlayGo, D’Music, BiP, Billo, Loop & GoLoud) plus unlimited calls & txts valid for 1 day.

1.    How does offer works?
For any new handset purchase from Digicel Retail, FOTS and authorized Dealers, customer will receive a 1 day Prime Cheehoo Plan for free on a monthly basis. However customer must top up $5 to trigger the 1 day Prime Cheehoo plan. $5 remains in the account and plan is awarded for free.

2.    Do I get the free handset offer right after purchasing my handset at a retail store?
No, the free bundle will be rewarded the next day once the report is generated.

3.    Will I still get the offer if I insert a different number in my newly purchased handset?
Yes offer will be rewarded to any number as long as it is used on the same IMEI purchased from Digicel. 

4. Promotion start and end date?

Promotion starts on the 19th of May, 2021 and is ongoing.