FREE 60GB Data Bundle!

Purchase a smartphone and get FREE 60GB Anyuse data valid for 14 days. You can get hold of the lowest priced smartphone which is the new DL4 retailing at $249 tala. 

Start Date: 22nd November 2022

End Date: On-going (While stocks last)

Participants: Customers Purchasing Smartphones

1.    Who all is eligible for this offering?

All customers buying a New Smartphone is eligible and qualifies for the 60GB FREE data bundle valid for 14 days. This is a one off offer awarded upon purchase of a Smartphone from any Digicel retail stores.


2.    How long is the Free Data valid for?
The Free Data bundles can be used within first 14 days from the day the bundle was activated.


3.    How long will the offer continue?
The offer will be for a limited time only.


4.    How will I get the 60GB Free Data Offer?
After purchasing the Handset with a NEW SIM or an existing SIM from Digicel we will automatically attach the 60GB data bundle to your number.


5.    Will I get the FREE 60GB data if I purchase 2 Smartphones at the same time?

Yes, the 60GB free data will be awarded to both purchase.