Win part of 2,000,000VT

Promotion Details

Digicel Vanuatu is giving the chance for its customers to win part of 2,000,000VT CASH and much more in the month of June and July 2024. Customers has to top up 300VT or more in order to enter the draw to win.

What is the promotion?

-        Customer has to top up 300VT or more to enter the draw

Are there any other prizes?

-          Yes

-          Cash prizes and collateral prizes

What happens if a customer from other islands in Vanuatu wins?

-          Their Cash Prize will be sent via NBV, or send to the Digicel Representative for hand over or into their MyCash wallet.

-          Collateral prizes must be collected by the winners or their relative if they are in the islands.

** Note: Digicel will not cover for the freight or transportation of the winning items


Is accumulative top up applied to this promotion?

-          No promotion does not apply to accumulative top up. Top up must be of 300VT or more in a single top up transaction to enter the draw.


-          E.g. if you top up by 100VT three times, you will not enter the draw.


How will customer be notified they have entered?

A message will be updated for all top up done to inform customer their number has entered the draw.


Top upr Messages

Less 300VT Top up [50.00-299.00]

Oh No! You just missed the Top Up & Win Draw prize worth more than 2Milion VT! Top up by 300VT or more to enter the draw. More Top up More Chances to Win!

300VT or more Top up [300.00 +]

Congrats! You’re now in the Top up & Win Draw Prize worth more than 2Milion VT! Top up again by 300VT or more for more chances to Win!


If I top up this month June 2024, will I be eligible for July 2024 Draw as well?

To be eligible for July draw, customer must make a top up of 300VT or more during the month of July as well.


When is the draw?

The Draw dates are outlined as per table under prizes.

Winners will be posted on Social Media and/or Press.


How will a customer know they have won a prize?

Draw will be live through our official Facebook page. Winners will be contacted by our Marketing Team to arrange time and date for the winner to collect their prize.


What happens if a winner doesn’t answer the Digicel call?

Digicel Marketing Team will keep calling the winning Digicel number within the 28 business day period for the winner to collect their prize.


How long does it take for a winner to redeem their prize before it is redrawn?

When a prize is drawn it is valid for 28 business days to be claimed and redeemed.

After 28 business day, if the winner hasn’t answered the Marketing call, the prize will be re-drawn.

Date and time will be given through Digicel’s official Facebook page.


Retail/ FOTS/ DS NOTE:

·       Staff will also need to report any issues they are facing to the commercial team so that they can maintain a good customer experience


How will the promotion will be advertised?

·       Social media

·       T2B

·       USSD

·       Press

·       Radio