Building Better

Building Better

Building Better


WIN part of 1,000,000VT CASH Voucher from WILCO Hardware!

Purchase a New SIM and register it or purchase an AIO or Data plan of 200VT or more to enter the draw.

PrizeNo. of WinnersDraw
300,000VT1Major Prize
200,000VT1Major Prize
150,000VT1Major Prize
50,000VT7Monthly Prize

Prize Draws
Draw DateWinnersDraws
Friday 28th April, 20234Monthly
Friday 26th May, 20233Monthly
Friday 16th June, 20233Major Draw

Launch Date: 03rd April 2023
End Date: 15th June 2023

1. Are there any other prizes?
No, prizes are set as per table above and they are cash vouchers for WILCO hardware

2. What happens if a customer from other islands in Vanuatu wins?
The winner will arrange with a family member to shop with their voucher at Wilco and freight the materials over to them.

*Note that the winner will pay the cost of the materials freight.

3. When is the draw?
The Draw dates are outlined above. Winners will be posted on Social Media and Press.

4. How will customers be notified they have entered?
A message will be updated for all top up done to inform customer their number has entered the draw.

Trigger Messages:
Purchase of New SIM, once the SIM is activated, below message will be received

Congrats! Naoia yu stap lo dro blo winim pat blo 1 MILION VATU Building Material Cash Voucher! Pem AIO or Data plan blo 200VT or moa blo dabolem entri lo dro!

Purchase of plan of 200VT or more

When a customer purchase a Data or AIO plan of 200VT or more

Congratulations! Naoia yu stap inside lo draw blo winim part blo 1 MILION VT Building Material Cash Voucher! Pem moa plan blo moa Janis blo Win!