Top Up & WIN

WIN a share of 500,000VT CASH!

Top Up 300VT or more and purchase a Data or AIO plan to go into the draw to WIN.

Draw Date



30th Sept
28th Oct

Launch Date: 09th September 2022

End Date: 27th October 2022

1.    Are there any other prizes?

No, Cash prizes only.

2.    What happens if a customer from other islands in Vanuatu wins?

Their Cash Prize will be send via NBV or into their MyCash wallet.


3.    Is accumulative top up applied to this promotion?
No promotion does not apply to accumulative Top Up. Top up must be of 300VT or more in a single top up transaction. E.g. if you top up by 100VT two times, you will not enter the draw.


4.    How will customer be notified they have entered?

Yes a message will be updated for all top up done to inform customer their number has entered the draw. 


Trigger Messages

Less 300VT Top Up:

When customer top up less than 300VT below Bislama trigger to be received;

Yu needim wan smol vatu blong helpm yu lo wan smol project blo yu? Just simply top up blo 300vt o moa blo enterm droa blo winim part blo 500,000vt CASH. No mestem Janis blo yu tete!

300VT Top Up or more

When customer top up by 300VT or more.

Congratulations! Naoia yu stap inside lo draw blo winim part blo 500,000vt Cash! Continue blo top up 300vt or more blo increasem janis blo yu blo win!