MiFi Plans

Longer-lasting MiFi plans, pay less and get more data and browse the internet on the Fastest 4G Network in Vanuatu. Buy a MiiFi device and get 5GB Free data valid for 30 days.

Plan Data Price Validity
MiFi 1000VT 6GB 1000VT 30 Days
MiFi 2000VT 12GB 2000VT 30 Days
MiFi 3,500VT 25GB 3,500VT 30 Days
MiFi 5000VT 50GB 5000VT 30 Days
MiFi 10,000VT 100GB 10,000VT 30 Days
MiFi 15,000VT 150GB 15,000VT 90 Days
Streaming MIFI 50GB 2,500VT 30 Days (7pm - 7am)

Start Date: 01/07/2022.

End Date: 31/08/22, may be extended at Digicel’s discretion


➝ For customer on the Mifi, Router and Dongle devices and price-plan. Other customers cannot opt on for these plans.

➝ The customer will need to visit MyDigicel App to purchase the MIFI plans. MIFI plans are not available on USSD.

➝ All account management actions will be done via MyDigicel App. 

➝ Plans will not auto-renew.

➝ Once the data cap is 100% utilized, browsing will stop and no out of bundle charges will be applied unless customer texts Y to 515 from their Mifi Inbox.

1.    Where in the MyDigicel app can customers purchase these plans?


· Login to MyDigicel app

· Select “Availabe Plans”

· Select “MIFI Plans” category

· Click “Activate Plan” to purchase the plan 

MyDigicel App

2.    How will customer be notified of their data usage?

Customers can manage and monitor their bundle usage on MyDigicel app.


3.    What happens when customer selects one of the 4G MIFI Plans?

Credit will be deducted and bundle will be applied. No trigger messages will be sent to the customer.


4.    Who can apply for the new 4G MIFI Plans?

Offer only applies to MiFi/ Dongle/ Router subscribers who are under the MiFi/Dongle Priceplan 29901. Normal mobile customers will not be able to purchase the MIFI plans.


5.    What happens if a customer utilized 100% of the data bundle? Will they be able to browse outside of bundle?

Yes, customer will be able to continue browsing out of bundle at a rate of 5VT/MB. Once allocated data bundle is used up, customer will receive default message to confirm browsing without any data bundle by texting Y to 515 from their MIFI inbox. Note that voice call is disabled on Mifi/Dongle price plan 29901. 


6.    Can customer opt-in many time to any of the 4G MIFI plans?

Yes, customer can opt-in as many times as they wish as long as they have sufficient credit balance.


7.    Does rollover apply to the new 4G MIFI Plans?

Yes rollover applies to all 4G MIFI Plans except the Streaming MIFI plan that allows usage from 7pm to 7am. Same data plan must be repurchased before expiry to rollover unused data bundles. 


8.    Can I use 4G MIFI plans to browse any website or view YouTube?

Yes, Data bundles can be used to browse any website or view YouTube.


9.    Will the MIFI plans auto-renew?

MIFI plans will not auto-renew. Customers will need to purchase the plans via MDA each time.


10.    Will I be notified when my plan is about to expire?

No trigger messages will be received on expiry. Customers need to monitor their plan using MyDigicel App.


11.    If customer buys the Streaming MIFI plans how will it work?
With the Streaming MIFI plan, customers can use the allocated data within the time bands specified.

On September 30th 2021, the time band will be 7pm to 7am and this may be reviewed and changed at Digicel’s discretion. All data usage in the specified time band will be deducted from the Streaming MIFI plan data allocation as long as there is an unused data balance.

Data usage outside the time bands and once the data allocation from the Streaming MIFI plan is completely utilized, will be catered for from other MIFI plans.