MyCash Promotion

Top Up using MyCash app of any amount and you will get double up credit valid for 3 days.

Receive $200TOP or more from overseas and you will get 2GB data for anyuse, and 20 mins international bundle valid for 24 hours.

Launch Date: 1 October 2022.

End Date: 6 January 2023.

1.    Where is this offer available?

MyCash App and USSD (Digicel Mobile Money Service).

2.    Who are the eligible IMT partners for senders to use?


Our that includes;

☛ Klickex Pacific

☛ Western Union

☛ Money Gram

☛ Remitly

☛ Rocket Remit

☛ Ria Money Transfer (app or agent)


3.      What if I receive less than $200 from my friends and family overseas?

If the amount is less than the threshold amount (TOP$200), you will not receive the free data.


4.      How will I know that I received this bundle?

You will receive this message:


2GB Offer:

Congratulations! You have now received 2GB bonus data + 20mins international talk time valid for 24hrs along with your money transfer.


Double Up Credit:

Congratulations! You have now received double credit to call from Digi to Digi. This credit valid for 3 days. Enjoy!

5.      Can I qualify for the offer when I receive $200 from transfer within Tonga?

No, this offer only applies to customers receiving international remittance


6.      Who is eligible for this offer?

All Prepaid Mobile customers.