H&E Promotion

Sign up or pay any plans for the Digicel Play TV, or sign up, pay any plan for a Home Internet package from $65 or more and be in the grand prize draw of Mazda BT50.

Launch Date: 1 October 2022.

End Date: 6 January 2023.

1.    Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available to new and current Play TV & Home Internet customers.


2.    If I am an existing TV customer and reconnect my TV on the 3-day Plan for only $25,

Do I also get the chance to win?

Yes, this promotion is eligible if you reconnect any plans on the TV package


3.    If I am an inactive customer, and reconnect my TV on the 3-day plan for only $25, do I also get a chance to win?

Yes. Inactive customers is also eligible for the draw


4.    If I am a new customer and I sign up for the 3-day plan, do I also get a chance to win?

Yes. That is correct


5.    If I am a Home Internet Customer and only pay for the $65, do I still also get a chance to win?

Yes, if you pay $65 or above plans for Home Internet, you will be in the draw.


6.    How will I know I am the winner?

At the end of each week, all numbers that subscribed to the offer during the week will be compiled and an electronic draw is done to select the winner. Note – each winner will be contacted via phone call to arrange the prize presentation day. Winners must bring a valid ID to claim their prizes.